Welcome to Townler.com. All the services and facilities that are offered by Townler.com within the site that includes all the categories and sub-categories alike, whether it is photo sharing, content, features or any other kind of applications offered from time to time by Townler.com remain in connection with the Townler.com website only.

The Terms of Use Agreement is a legally bound set of terms that determine the use of Townler.com services offered as per the Townler.com website. If you consume the services offered by Townler.com, you agree to be bound to this Agreement, even if you are simply a visitor on the website (which means that you are only browsing the Townler.com website and haven’t registered on it) or if you happen to be a member on the website (which entails registering on the website Townler.com).

The term ‘user’ entails both visitor and a member. You can only use the services offered by Townler.com (irrespective of the fact whether or not your access or the use is intended) if and only if you agree to stand by all the applicable laws binding this Agreement.

It is advisable to read the Agreement carefully before agreeing to it and save it. If in any case, you do not agree with any clause of the Agreement on Townler.com, you should immediately leave the website Townler.com and discontinue the use of any of the services offered by Townler.com. If you want to continue and become a member on Townler.com for availing the services offered and establish a communication with other members of the website, you should carefully read the Terms of Use Agreement and accept the Agreement during the registration procedure.


The Agreement entails the use of Townler.com’s policy for the acceptable use of Townler.com services and the content posted on the website, the rights you have as a member, obligations you must abide by, the restrictions posed on your use of Townler.com’s services including the privacy policy on Townler.com.

Some type of services on Townler.com can only be availed on downloading the additional software. In order to take part in those services, you might require downloading the additional software and agreeing to the additional terms and conditions for use. Unless the additional terms and conditions are applicable to the Townler.com services for participation, they are incorporated into this Agreement only.

Despite offering some free services on Townler.com, Townler.com reserves the right to charge for any service in the future be it free or paid. Townler.com reserves the right to modify the Terms of Use Agreement from time to time and any modification is effective on posting by the Townler.com on the Townler.com website. You are legally bound to agree to any changes made to the Agreement on using the Townler.com services after the modification is posted. Thus, it becomes vital for you to review the Agreement on a regular basis to avoid missing out on any important changes.


You ought to minimum of 18 years of age or above to register as a member of Townler.com for using this website. Membership to the website is null where prohibited. If you use this website, it guarantees and represents the fact that you have the authority, right and capacity to enter into the Agreement clauses and follow each and every terms and conditions of the Agreement. The website is not intended for making any sort of illicit relationships. If Townler.com comes to know that the site is being used for establishing or promoting any kind of illicit relationships, the membership of the member will be nullified without giving any sort of refund and there will be no liability to Townler.com. The decision of Townler.com of ending the membership will be final and legal.



Until you are a member of Townler.com, the Agreement will work in full force and show the effect while using the website. You can easily end your membership at any given time for any kind of reason by writing to Townler.com about termination of your membership. In any case of termination of the membership, Townler.com is not entitled to provide any refund or any unused subscription fees. Townler.com can end your membership or restrict your access to the website for any reason effective after sending in your notice of termination to the email id that you have entered upon registration in your application form for the membership or to any other email address that you later give to Townler.com for the purpose. If Townler.com has terminated your membership because of breach of contract or Agreement, you will not get any sort of refund for any of the unutilised subscription fees. Despite the termination of the Agreement, certain provisions will still remain to be in effect including the sections 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12 which are inclusive of this Agreement.



Townler.com is a website meant for personal use of any one individual only. You cannot use the website in connection with any commercial endeavours of activities i.e. or making money. Your membership to Townler.com remains to be for your personal use only and you cannot use your membership for transferring it to any other member or person. You cannot allow any other person to use your membership for their benefit or enjoy benefits of your membership. This also includes restriction on giving links to other websites irrespective of whether or not they are competitors of Townler.com. The companies, organisations and businesses cannot hold the membership of Townler.com and they cannot use the services offered by Townler.com for their benefit or purpose. Any sort of illegal or unauthorised use of the website which includes unauthorised linking to the site or framing of the site will be investigated and reported for taking appropriate legal action. The appropriate legal action includes limitation, criminal, civil and injunctive redress which is applicable in terms of law.



You may not take part in promoting to, or requesting of, different Members to purchase or offer any items or administrations through the Service. You won't transmit any networking letters or junk email to other Townler.com Members. It is additionally an infringement of this Agreement to utilize any data acquired from the Service keeping in mind the end goal to badger, mishandle, harass, abuse or hurt someone else, or so as to contact, publicize to, request, or pitch to any Member without their earlier unequivocal assent.

Keeping in mind the end goal to safeguard Townler.com or potentially our Members from any mishandle/abuse, Townler.com claims all authority to confine the quantity of correspondences/profile contacts and reactions/messages which a Member may send to different Member(s) in any 24-hour time frame to a number which Townler.com esteems suitable in its sole discretion.


You won't send any messages utilizing the Service that are profane, lecherous, lascivious, and defamatory, advance scorn or potentially are racial or oppressive in any way or messages that are probably going to cause hurt. Transmission of any such messages might constitute a rupture of this Agreement and Townler.com should be qualified for end your participation forthwith. Townler.com claims all authority to screen messages that you may send to different Member(s) and furthermore manage the quantity of your talk sessions in its sole tact.


You may not utilize any mechanized procedures, including IRC Bots, EXE's, CGI or some other projects/contents to see content on or impart/contact/react/connect with Townler.com as well as its Members.


You might not utilize the Townler.com site to execute any private concern. Townler.com should not be at risk or in charge of any misfortunes, harms, costs, charges or costs that you may acquire or endure because of your communication with different individuals from Townler.com. Townler.com does not ensure or give any sort of affirmation about its individuals.



Townler.com possesses and holds every single exclusive right, including without restriction, all protected innovation rights in the Townler.com Site and the Townler.com Service. The Site contains the copyrighted material, trademarks, and other exclusive data of Townler.com, and its licensors. With the exception of that data which is in the general population area or for which you have been given express consent by Townler.com, you won't duplicate, alter, distribute, transmit, convey, perform, show, figure out, decompile, or offer any such restrictive data. All legal, legitimate and non-frightful messages, content or potentially other data, substance or material that you post on the discussion sheets should constitute a permit to Townler.com to utilize such substance, data, material in a way that Townler.com may picked in its sole circumspection. Townler.com maintains all authority to investigate all such data, content as well as material posted on the discussion sheets (forums) and has the sole exclusive right to either evacuate, remove, alter or potentially show such data, material as well as content.


You comprehend and thus concur that all data, information, content, programming, music, sound, photos, designs, video, messages, labels, or different materials ("Content"), regardless of whether openly posted or secretly transmitted, are the sole obligation of the individual from whom such content was originated. This implies you and not Townler.com are completely in charge of all Content that you transfer, post, email, transmit or generally make accessible by means of the Service. Townler.com does not control or manipulate the Content posted through the Service and, in that capacity, does not ensure the exactness, uprightness or nature of such Content. You comprehend that by utilizing the Service, you might be presented to Content that is hostile, obscene, objectionable or frightful. By no means will Townler.com be at risk in any capacity for any Content, including, however not constrained to, any blunders or oversights in any Content, or any misfortune or harm of any sort acquired because of the utilization of any Content posted, messaged, transmitted or generally made accessible by means of the Service. You comprehend and concur that Townler.com may erase any Content that in the sole judgment of Townler.com damages any appropriate law or this Agreement or which may be hostile, illicit, defamatory, revolting, slanderous, or that may abuse the rights, hurt, or debilitate the security of other Townler.com Members.


You are exclusively responsible and at risk for the Content that you distribute or show (hereinafter, "post") on the Site through the Townler.com Service, or transmit to other Townler.com Members. Townler.com maintains all authority to confirm the genuineness of Content posted on the Site. In practicing this right, Townler.com may request that you give any narrative or other type of proof supporting the Content you post on the Site. In the event that you neglect to deliver such confirmation, or if such proof does not in the sensible feeling of Townler.com set up or legitimize the claim, Townler.com may, in its sole tact, expel the Content from the Site and end your Membership without a discount of your membership expenses.


You recognize that Townler.com could possibly pre-screen Content, yet that Townler.com and its designees should have the right (however not the commitment) in their sole watchfulness to pre-screen, won't, or move any Content that is accessible by means of the Service. Without restricting the prior, Townler.com and its designees might have the privilege to expel any Content that disregards this Agreement or is generally frightful. Townler.com saves the privilege in its sole prudence to survey the action and status of each record and block the enrolment and membership of a part in light of such screening without a discount of the membership charge. You concur that you should assess, and bear all dangers related with, the utilization of any Content, including any dependence on the exactness, fulfillment, or helpfulness of such Content. In such manner, you recognize that you may not depend on any Content made by Townler.com or submitted to Townler.com, incorporating without confinement data in Townler.com Leisure, Blogs, and Photo Sharing and in every single other piece of the Service.


By presenting Content on any public platform of Townler.com, you naturally concede, and you speak to and warrant that you have the privilege to allow to Townler.com, and other Townler.com Members, an irreversible, never-ending, non-elite, completely paid, overall permit to utilize, duplicate, perform, show, and circulate such data and Content and to get ready subsidiary works of, or fuse into different works, such data and Content, and to give and approve sublicenses of the prior.


As for Content you submit or make accessible for consideration on openly available territories of the Site, the permit to utilize, convey, recreate, alter, adjust, freely perform and freely show such Content on the Service exclusively for the reasons for giving and advancing the particular property, (for example, Leisure, Blogs or Photo Sharing) of the Site to which such Content was submitted or made accessible. This permit exists just for whatever length of time that you choose to keep on including such Content on the Service and will end at the time you evacuate or Townler.com expels such Content from the Service.

Concerning Content that incorporates photographs, designs, sound or video you submit or make accessible for consideration on freely open regions of the Service the permit to utilize, appropriate, recreate, change, adjust, openly perform and freely show such Content on the Service exclusively for the reason for which such Content was submitted or made accessible. This permit exists just for whatever length of time that you choose to keep on including such Content on the Service and will end at the time you evacuate or Townler.com expels such Content from the Service.


As for Content other than photographs, designs, sound or video you submit or make accessible for consideration on freely open regions of the Service the ceaseless, irreversible and completely sub-licensable permit to utilize, disperse, imitate, alter, adjust, distribute, decipher, openly perform and openly show such Content (in entirety or to some degree) and to fuse such Content into different works in any organization or medium now known or later created.

"Publicly available" zones of the Service are those territories of the Townler.com system of properties, (for example, Leisure, Blogs and Photo Sharing) that are proposed by Townler.com to be accessible to the overall population on Townler.com.


Below is a comprehensive list of the sort of Content that is unlawful or restricted on the Site. Townler.com will examine and make fitting legitimate move in its sole tact against any individual who damages this arrangement, including without impediment, expelling the culpable correspondence from the Service and the Site and ending the Membership of such violators without a discount. It incorporates (yet isn't restricted to) Content that:

You should utilize the Townler.com Service in a way reliable with any relevant nearby and state, and government laws standards and controls. You should exclude in your Member profile, any phone numbers, road addresses, last names, URL's, and email tends to that are either evidently visible to alternate Members or can be deciphered or found.

You are not allowed to make different profiles, not more than one. In the event that Townler.com knows that you have made different profiles, your enrolment is obligated to be ended forthwith with no discount of membership charges.

At any given time, Townler is of the view in its sole watchfulness that your profile contains any data or material or Content which poses objection, unlawful or illicit, Townler has the privilege in its sole discretion to forthwith end your membership without any refund of your membership charges and erase such offensive, illicit or unlawful data, material or Content from your profile and prohibit you to proceed as a Member.



You may not post, disseminate, or imitate in any capacity any copyrighted material, trademarks, or other exclusive data without acquiring the earlier composed assent of the proprietor of such restrictive rights. Without constraining the prior, in the event that you trust that your work has been replicated and posted on the Site through the Townler.com Service in a way that constitutes copyright encroachment, please give our Copyright Agent the accompanying data: an electronic or physical mark of the individual approved to follow up for the benefit of the proprietor of the copyright intrigue; a depiction of the copyrighted work that you assert has been encroached; a portrayal of where the material that you guarantee is encroaching is situated on the Site; your address, phone number, and email address; a composed articulation by you that you have a decent confidence conviction that the debated utilize isn't approved by the copyright proprietor, its operator, or the law; and where pertinent a duplicate of the enrolment endorsement demonstrating enlistment of copyright or some other relevant protected innovation right; an announcement by you, made under punishment of prevarication, that the above data in your Notice is exact and that you are the copyright proprietor or approved to follow up for the copyright proprietor's sake. Townler.com's Copyright Agent for Notice of cases of copyright encroachment can be come to by keeping in touch with the Mumbai address situated under the Help/Contact segment on the site.



You are exclusively in charge of your associations with other Townler.com Members. Townler.com holds the right, however has no commitment, to screen debate amongst you and different Members.



The use of Townler.com website or any services offered by Townler.com is governed by Townler.com, Privacy Policy.



Townler.com isn't in charge of any erroneous or off base Content posted on the Site or regarding the Townler.com Service, regardless of whether caused by clients going by the Site, Members or by any of the hardware or programming related with or used in the Service, nor for the lead of any client or potentially Member of the Townler.com Service whether on the web or disconnected. Townler.com accepts no accountability for any blunder, exclusion, interference, erasure, imperfection, delay in operation or transmission, interchanges line disappointment, burglary or devastation or unapproved access to, or adjustment of, client or potentially Member correspondences. Townler.com isn't in charge of any issues or specialized glitch of any phone system or lines, PC on-line-frameworks, servers or suppliers, PC gear, programming, disappointment of email or players because of specialized issues or activity clog on the Internet or at any site or blend thereof, including damage or harm to clients and additionally Members or to some other individual's PC identified with or coming about because of taking part or downloading materials regarding the Townler.com Site or potentially regarding the Townler.com Service. By no means will Townler.com be in charge of any misfortune or harm to any individual coming about because of anybody's utilization of the Site or the Service or potentially any Content posted on the Townler.com Site or transmitted to Townler.com Members. The trading of profile(s) through or by Townler.com ought not at all be translated as any offer or potentially suggestion from/by Townler.com.  Townler.com might not be in charge of any misfortune or harm to any individual emerging out of, or consequent to, relations built up compliant with the utilization of Townler.com. The Site and the Service are given "AS-IS AVALIABLE BASIS" and Townler.com explicitly repudiates any guarantee of wellness for a specific reason or non-encroachment. Townler.com can't ensure and does not guarantee particular outcomes from utilization of the Site or potentially the Townler.com Service.


Townler.com explicitly repudiates any obligation or duty at all and howsoever emerging because of any Content posted on the Site by any Members or the clients of the Site or any outsider. Townler.com does not accept any accountability or risk for any unlawful Content posted on the Site by any Members, clients or any outsider. All obligations, regardless of whether common or criminal emerging out of any content that is posted on the Site will be of that Member/client/outsider who has posted such Content and Townler.com maintains its authority to guarantee harms from such Member/client/outsider that it might endure because of such Content Posted on the Site. Townler.com does not assert responsibility for you submit or make accessible for consideration on the Service.



In the jurisdiction areas where such arrangements are limited, in no occasion will Townler.com be at risk to you or any third individual for any circuitous, important, excellent, accidental, unique or corrective harms, including additionally lost benefits emerging from your utilization of the Site or the Townler.com Service, regardless of the possibility that Townler.com has been informed with respect to the likelihood of such harms. Despite anything unexpectedly contained in this, Townler.com's, obligation to you for any reason at all, and paying little mind to the type of the activity, will consistently be restricted to the sum paid, assuming any, by you to Townler.com, for the Service amid the term of membership.



If there is any question about or including the Site as well as the Service, by utilizing the Site, you concur that the debate will be represented by the laws of India. You consent to the select jurisdiction of the courts of Hyderabad, India.



You comprehend and concur that you have no proprietorship rights to your Townler.com account. At any given time whenever Townler.com is of the conclusion (in its sole prudence) or has any motivation to trust that you are not qualified to end up plainly a Member or that you have made any deception about your qualification, Townler.com maintains whatever authority is needed to end your participation and/or your entitlement to utilize the Services as well as scratch off your record and erase all substance related with your record whenever, without see and with no discount to you of any of your unutilized membership charge. Townler.com expects no risk for any data expelled from our Application/Site for disregarding these Terms. You may likewise scratch off your record whenever. This cancelation produces results instantly. After a cancelation, Townler.com will evacuate all substance related with your record. We claim all authority to for all time limit access to our Services to Members who have had their records crossed out. In the occasion you terminate your participation, you won't be qualified for a discount of any unutilized membership charges.



You can cancel your agreement through your acknowledgment of these terms of utilization inside 3 working days after the affirmation of your membership to any Services and get a full discount into your financial balance/MasterCard, in light of the method of instalment you used to subscribe initially. Discounts are issued promptly from our end, in any case, a few banks take 5-15 days to process the discount and mirror the same in your bank/card statement. Be that as it may, in the event that you utilize the Services in any way after your membership, you will lose your cancelation right. Utilization of the Services implies sending to or getting from different individuals and any correspondence, seeing profiles of different individuals, or rolling out improvements to your profile or data for you.



You consent to reimburse and hold Townler.com, its directors, agents, members, officers, specialists, partners, affiliates and different accomplices and workers, safe from any misfortune, obligation, case, or request, including sensible lawyer's charges, made by any outsider due to or emerging out of the Content you submit, post, transmit or generally make accessible through the Service your utilization of the Service your association with the Service, your infringement of this Agreement, or your infringement of any privileges of another or any infringement of any pertinent law or any break of your portrayals and guarantees put forward above.



By turning into a Member of the Site/Townler.com Service, you consent to get certain particular messages/SMS/warnings from Townler.com.

This Agreement, endless supply of the Site and further certified by turning into a Member of the Townler.com benefit, contains the agreement between you and Townler.com with respect to the utilization of the Site and additionally the Service. If any arrangement of this Agreement is held invalid, the rest of this Agreement might proceed in full power and impact.

 You are under a commitment to report any abuse or mishandle of the Site. In the event that you see any manhandle or abuse of the Site or anything which is disregarding this Agreement or any pertinent law, you should forthwith report such infringement to Townler.com by keeping in touch with Customer Care. On receipt of such protest, Townler.com may examine such protestation and if fundamental may end the participation of the Member in charge of such infringement manhandle or abuse with no discount of membership expense. Any false protestation made by a Member should make such Member obligated for end of his/her enrolment with no discount of the membership expense.