• India Woman Profile Photo - Prathysha7go
    Prathysha7go Female, 33, India

    I Drink occasionally because I can afford a liver transplant..

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  • India Dating Girl Profile Photo - Tanaya881
    Tanaya881 Female, 25, India

    I am a Girl with an INTJ personality.. I am looking for Partner someone whom my judgemental friends would approve.. I Don't smoke smoke. Preparing my body for future pollution. Have you seen Delhi?.

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  • India Woman Profile Photo - Krandasi15bo
    Krandasi15bo Female, 33, India

    I am a lawyer It helps me fulfilling my travel goals.. I am a Women and here to find a camping partner..

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  • India Woman Profile Photo - Somalakshmi33pa
    Somalakshmi33pa Female, 38, India

    I love Vegetarian , what else will you eat with a beer?.

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  • India Woman Profile Photo - Piyali794
    Piyali794 Female, 32, India

    I have done my Bachelors in Energy Study. Save it people, else we're doomed.. I am here for Serious Relationship where my partner stays by my side beyond all storms in life.. I Do not drink It makes things happening!.

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  • India Woman Profile Photo - Vidyul95da
    Vidyul95da Female, 36, India

    I love Eggetarian I didn't earlier. My trainer insisted.. I am looking for New Friends Not here to boost your ego. Talk if we match..

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  • India Dating Girl Profile Photo - Kokila93la
    Kokila93la Female, 22, India

    I Don't smoke I won't have a problem if you do but don't ask me to try it..

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  • India Woman Profile Photo - Samata742
    Samata742 Female, 38, India

    I am here for New Friends who can spice up my life.. I am SINGLE Try not to treat it as a Taboo thing..

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  • India Woman Profile Photo - Gayana87ku
    Gayana87ku Female, 29, India

    You're gonna meet a Libra I am optimistic & enthusiastic. I seek change!. I am looking for Internet Buddies after all, what is life without love?.

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  • India Woman Profile Photo - Vinaya590
    Vinaya590 Female, 33, India

    Being a Taurus I am gentle & affectionate, something hard to find these days..

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  • India Dating Girl Profile Photo - Kusumavati35sa
    Kusumavati35sa Female, 23, India

    I am looking for New People someone who respects traditions & values.. I Do not drink I think it's not that bad.. I am an lawyer Behave properly, or I know 762 ways to break your teeth..

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  • India Woman Profile Photo - Nalini748
    Nalini748 Female, 29, India

    I am here for Casual Dating if you're a good wingman.. I Don't smoke and I am happy that I don't..

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