• Single Guy Profile Photo - marv43oo, Male
    Marv43oo Male, 24, Yukon Territory

    I am Non vegetarian It keeps me fit..

    Single Dating Guy

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - tyshawn54de, Male
    Tyshawn54de Male, 28, Yukon Territory

    I love Vegetarian Now you know I don't discriminate.. I am a Man and an extrovert..

    Men Seeking Girls

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - godwin74ch, Male
    Godwin74ch Male, 36, Yukon Territory

    I Sometimes smoke when a friend insists.. Being a Gemini , I seek love & beauty!.

    Looking for Singles

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - walter1sh, Male
    Walter1sh Male, 39, Yukon Territory

    I am a Doctorate in Technology. One of the three mistakes of my life.. I am a Man and my preference is also same. ;).

    Man Looking for Friendship

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - nasir51ch, Male
    Nasir51ch Male, 39, Yukon Territory

    I am looking for New People Someone who loves to laugh.. I am an Journalist Be aware..

    Men Looking for Women

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - shay35bu, Male
    Shay35bu Male, 30, Yukon Territory

    I'm Eggetarian I like it balanced..

    Men Seeking Girl

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - jaxon71ah, Male
    Jaxon71ah Male, 22, Yukon Territory

    I have done my Bachelors in Homeopathic Medicine. Slow and steady wins the race.. I am looking for Partner Someone who is a binge eater..

    Guy Looking for Women

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - armaan25te, Male
    Armaan25te Male, 29, Yukon Territory

    I am a dentist , here for networking.. I've pursued Bachelors am I'm no more interested in studying. I Don't smoke because I've seen Rahul Dravid's add in the movie hall..

    Man Looking for Dating

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - abriana98ro, Male
    Abriana98ro Male, 26, Yukon Territory

    I am Widowed though I prefer calling myself single.. I am a Gemini which makes me conservative at start...

    Male Seeking Female

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - saul60kr, Male
    Saul60kr Male, 23, Yukon Territory

    I am here for Match Looking for someone straightforward, upfront and honest.. I Sometimes I can't understand how it can relieve stress..

    Male looking for Female

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - kodi9ch, Male
    Kodi9ch Male, 35, Yukon Territory

    My job role says I am a Student and I love to share my life with the world..

    Single Dating Man

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - fenton90gh, Male
    Fenton90gh Male, 37, Yukon Territory

    I Drink often It makes people interesting.. I am a Man and I love star wars.. I am looking for New Friends who is charming, smart and honest..

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