• Quebec Guy Profile Photo - richie49mo
    Richie49mo Male, 27, Quebec

    I've pursued Bachelors in philosophy. I just like going to the depths.. I am looking for New Friends someone who can keep me on my toes..

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  • Quebec Guy Profile Photo - fiske29ja
    Fiske29ja Male, 27, Quebec

    I am a Aquarius I have an organized life. (I think Monica was a Virgo too!).

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  • Quebec Guy Profile Photo - ebony36gr
    Ebony36gr Male, 22, Quebec

    I am looking for Someone Special Nothing else.. I Drink often and neither do I intend to drink anytime soon..

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  • Quebec Guy Profile Photo - ware48ba
    Ware48ba Male, 39, Quebec

    I am a Man who loves cooking.. I completed my Bachelors in Mental Retardation. Do you need me?. I am here for Better half can I find it here?.

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  • Quebec Guy Profile Photo - maddex99ba
    Maddex99ba Male, 38, Quebec

    I am Non vegetarian I tried it once, addicted to it since then.. I am Widowed and need someone hang out with..

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  • Quebec Guy Profile Photo - warley93ve
    Warley93ve Male, 29, Quebec

    I Sometimes smoke. If you're a regular smoker, you're not good for me.. I am looking for Flirting who can understand my emotions.

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  • Quebec Guy Profile Photo - solomon61am
    Solomon61am Male, 32, Quebec

    I am a Man and I can give you a good time..

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  • Quebec Guy Profile Photo - farr95da
    Farr95da Male, 28, Quebec

    I am a scientist Sorry, Can't help you with your loan.. I completed my Masters in Medicine. (Yep, I am God).

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  • Quebec Guy Profile Photo - jeffrey64vi
    Jeffrey64vi Male, 27, Quebec

    I am looking for Love someone who respects traditions & values.. I am a blogger I am a writer with a profession.. I Drink because it makes me do things I regret..

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