• Single Guy Profile Photo - jerrod12sh, Male
    Jerrod12sh Male, 19, Nunavut

    I am looking for Friendship Someone who is a dreamer.. I Do not drink I bring whiskey in knife fight. A bottle of whiskey. A sharp edged bottle of whiskey..

    Single Dating Guy

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - lawrence27do, Male
    Lawrence27do Male, 25, Nunavut

    I need someone like Rajma Chawal. Even when they're bad, they're good..

    Guy Looking for Women

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - hans60gu, Male
    Hans60gu Male, 26, Nunavut

    I am Eggetarian , you wouldn't know why if you aren't one.. I am looking for Soulmate Someone who knows feminism and chivalry are quite the opposite.. I am a Libra and a passionate lover!.

    Man Looking for Friendship

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - brandon52ja, Male
    Brandon52ja Male, 28, Nunavut

    I Sometimes smoke and I need help to quit smoking..

    Man Looking for Dating

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - jake32is, Male
    Jake32is Male, 24, Nunavut

    Long story short, I'm here to date..

    Guys looking for Girl

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - olliver25kr, Male
    Olliver25kr Male, 18, Nunavut

    I am looking for New Friends Why are people obsessed about it? Can't we go with the flow?. I have done my Masters in economics. I still can do a better job than Mr. Jaitely.. Since I am Singer and I work to express and impress..

    Guys Seeking Girl

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - rylan33bo, Male
    Rylan33bo Male, 40, Nunavut

    I'm Vegan I can't eat plants all the time.. I Don't smoke Nope, you can't justify smoking to me..

    Single Dating Man

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - regis15su, Male
    Regis15su Male, 21, Nunavut

    I am looking for Love Someone with whom I can be a literature nerd..

    Looking for Singles

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - nathan62th, Male
    Nathan62th Male, 29, Nunavut

    I am Single feels lonely, so I need someone to understand my emotions.. I am a Man and a package full of fun!.

    Male looking for Female

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - leyton73ja, Male
    Leyton73ja Male, 18, Nunavut

    I Sometimes smoke, I am planning to cut it though..

    Male Seeking Female

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - rafael14sa, Male
    Rafael14sa Male, 27, Nunavut

    I'm Eggetarian Somethings are too tasty to be left alone.. I am looking for Buddy I'll rock your world.. I am looking for Friendship Someone who doesn't post every picture on Instagram with a million hashtag..

    Men Looking for Women

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - pearce71ba, Male
    Pearce71ba Male, 35, Nunavut

    I am Vegan because I love nature too much.. I am Separated I have to make a lot of business trips to Bangkok. It's hard to find a partner who can trust me. (Nope, can't take you along). I am a Bachelors in philosophy. The most interesting subject there can be..

    Man Looking for Dating

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