• Manitoba Man Profile Photo - Hnnrv
    Hnnrv Male, 37, Manitoba

    I am here for Long Term Relationship whom I can love!. I am looking for Flirting Why brings you here? (Please don't say broken heart).

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  • Manitoba Man Profile Photo - Gomer3ma
    Gomer3ma Male, 39, Manitoba

    I love Vegetarian It saves me a lot of money actually..

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  • Manitoba Man Profile Photo - Langford17bu
    Langford17bu Male, 36, Manitoba

    I am Separated and it was quite recently. I would need some time to meet you in person.. I am here for Casual Dating with all of you beautiful people. I am a bartender , enough reason to match me I guess!.

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  • Manitoba Dating Guy Profile Photo - Marc-antoine11na
    Marc-antoine11na Male, 18, Manitoba

    I am looking for Love For now at least.. I am a Masters in Speech Language & Audiology..

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  • Manitoba Man Profile Photo - Shawn53no
    Shawn53no Male, 29, Manitoba

    I am unfortunately Separated by fate, but I want to be committed by choice..

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  • Manitoba Dating Guy Profile Photo - Reeve79pe
    Reeve79pe Male, 25, Manitoba

    I love Eggetarian I am not a wack job.. I am a Student I will give you a discount if you buy me a drink.. I would not be single Here to move on..

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  • Manitoba Man Profile Photo - Darwin91da
    Darwin91da Male, 37, Manitoba

    I am a Gemini I hate dishonesty!. I Do not drink I don't know why is that. Stop asking..

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  • Manitoba Man Profile Photo - Harley93da
    Harley93da Male, 26, Manitoba

    I am happily Separated and looking for friends..

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  • Manitoba Man Profile Photo - Jeramy2ma
    Jeramy2ma Male, 39, Manitoba

    I am a Capricorn I love making friends, partying all night and hanging out.. Relationship ke column me hum bold or capital me Separated If you're too, let's grab a drink. Talking helps..

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  • Manitoba Man Profile Photo - Waldron11sh
    Waldron11sh Male, 34, Manitoba

    I am a Cancer and a great multitasker. (does not necessarily mean I am dating multiple people). I am here for Love someone whom my judgemental friends would approve..

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  • Manitoba Man Profile Photo - Rutger6te
    Rutger6te Male, 26, Manitoba

    I completed my Bachelors and I'm in between jobs currently..

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  • Manitoba Dating Guy Profile Photo - Alex88du
    Alex88du Male, 25, Manitoba

    I am a Guy , don't be a sexist.. I am here for Friendship since I feel depressed to be alone.. I am a Doctorate in Hotel Management. I can serve you well..

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