• Single Girl Profile Photo - alaqua18th, Female
    Alaqua18th Female, 36, Guelph

    I Regularly I smoke weed though. ;). I am Vegan It's easy to make. My maid quit a month ago..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - ondine923, Female
    Ondine923 Female, 35, Guelph

    I am Widowed but still young enough to date..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - abijah12bh, Female
    Abijah12bh Female, 33, Guelph

    I have done my Bachelors in science, probably the reason I'm single.. I am a Women who can crack a joke or two.. I am Non vegetarian It's a sad story..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - vicky54lo, Female
    Vicky54lo Female, 30, Guelph

    I Regularly because I like to breath freely.. I am here for Love because I am ready to mingle.. I've pursued Masters in psychology. Still can't read your mind..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - mboess, Female
    Mboess Female, 28, Guelph

    I am Widowed and looking for something casual.. I love being a baker Good looks, clean heart & dirty mind..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - valonia156, Female
    Valonia156 Female, 19, Guelph

    I am looking for Flirting where my partner stays by my side beyond all storms in life.. I am a flight attendant No, I can't teach you how to click..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - shandi83lo, Female
    Shandi83lo Female, 37, Guelph

    I am looking for Serious Relationship Someone who likes to travel..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - ly-lii, Female
    Ly-lii Female, 31, Guelph

    I am an Gemini be ready for a love-hate relationship.. I am looking for Better half Someone who is a binge eater.. I Regularly because I like to breath freely..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - uggohr, Female
    Uggohr Female, 38, Guelph

    I am a baker If you think I am having a good time, I might be acting.. I am here for Activity Partner who's great in bed!. I am Single Try not to treat it as a Taboo thing..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - elvene98ka, Female
    Elvene98ka Female, 38, Guelph

    I am looking for Serious Relationship How about that!. I am a Women and you'll find me trustworthy.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - abigilso, Female
    Abigilso Female, 30, Guelph

    I'm Non vegetarian because that's the way to healthy and positive life.. I am a Women and I love to eat..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - coralie54de, Female
    Coralie54de Female, 22, Guelph

    I am a Student because I love to make people feel better about their body.