• Guelph Woman Profile Photo - Ellectra65ma
    Ellectra65ma Female, 26, Guelph

    I am Vegan because it's healthy.. I Don't smoke smoke. Because once a moron told me it's cool..

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  • Guelph Dating Girl Profile Photo - Nituna44ma
    Nituna44ma Female, 19, Guelph

    I am a Sagittarius My personal life is personal, don't nag..

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  • Guelph Dating Girl Profile Photo - Avery93an
    Avery93an Female, 21, Guelph

    I Do not drink You should try it.. I've pursued Bachelors in Optometry and Vision Science. (If you haven't heard of it, doesn't mean it does not exist). I am single Turning my life around..

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  • Guelph Dating Girl Profile Photo - Kalaine59da
    Kalaine59da Female, 23, Guelph

    I am a 10th in Education. I am a Professor now.. I am here for Casual Dating Someone who wouldn't ask if he could read my diary..

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  • Guelph Dating Girl Profile Photo - Urina9de
    Urina9de Female, 23, Guelph

    I Don't smoke and I am happy that I don't..

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  • Guelph Woman Profile Photo - Velma82om
    Velma82om Female, 38, Guelph

    I am looking for Soulmate who is ambitious.. I am here for Partner as I don't know many people here..

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  • Guelph Woman Profile Photo - Sabrina45da
    Sabrina45da Female, 40, Guelph

    I am looking for New People Someone who can enjoy Pyaar ka Punchnama as well as The Notebook..

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  • Guelph Woman Profile Photo - Alycia386
    Alycia386 Female, 31, Guelph

    I hope you have a great taste and you like my profile..

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  • Guelph Woman Profile Photo - Willette523
    Willette523 Female, 31, Guelph

    I am Divorced Don't need complicated people.. I am a scientist Nope, not gonna click you for free..

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  • Guelph Woman Profile Photo - Sharianne134
    Sharianne134 Female, 35, Guelph

    I am Widowed I don't have time to tell you the difference between Separated and Divorced. Google it..

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  • Guelph Dating Girl Profile Photo - Andrea77me
    Andrea77me Female, 19, Guelph

    I'm Vegan So?. I am a Girl with a lot of curiosity..

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  • Guelph Woman Profile Photo - Ellene364
    Ellene364 Female, 40, Guelph

    I am here for Flirting that'll transform my life. I am a Leo , Let's settle down kind of a person..

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