• Single Guy Profile Photo - knight562, Male
    Knight562 Male, 34, Grunthal

    I am an Cancer I just love being admired!. I am looking for Internet Buddies because love is overrated..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - rainbow51, Male
    Rainbow51 Male, 36, Grunthal

    Well..that's me on paper. Wanna check out how I am in real?.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - markham20wa, Male
    Markham20wa Male, 30, Grunthal

    I am a Man and I can proudly say, it sucks!. I am an Aries I love my solitude, don't interrupt when I am in the zone.. I am here for Better half to enjoy my life to the fullest.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - raymond54, Male
    Raymond54 Male, 35, Grunthal

    I am here for Better half who are full of life and adventure. I Sometimes You should quit too..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - elah77go, Male
    Elah77go Male, 29, Grunthal

    I Do not drink I am not addicted to it..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - len87, Male
    Len87 Male, 25, Grunthal

    I Drink occasionally because I feel its ok to drink occasionally. I am single because I would prefer watching netflix and having a beer than going out on wine dates..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - fraser726, Male
    Fraser726 Male, 36, Grunthal

    I am Divorced In need positive people in life..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - shae80me, Male
    Shae80me Male, 27, Grunthal

    I Drink often In this chaotic life, it gives peace.. I am a Aries I'm expressive and quick-witted.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - ielocc, Male
    Ielocc Male, 21, Grunthal

    I have done my Masters in commerce and am looking for a job now. I am unfortunately single It's not as bad as it sounds.. I Regularly because I've seen Rahul Dravid's add in the movie hall..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - addo76pa, Male
    Addo76pa Male, 26, Grunthal

    I am Non vegetarian because it's yummy!. I am Divorced Still in the sad phase, I hope you'll be patient..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - bartholomew674, Male
    Bartholomew674 Male, 20, Grunthal

    I Regularly I smoke weed though. ;). I am Non vegetarian No, I don't even eat gravy..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - randell10si, Male
    Randell10si Male, 23, Grunthal

    Pick you up at 8 tonight?.