• Single Guy Profile Photo - darniel206, Male
    Darniel206 Male, 25, Grand Forks

    I don't wanna be single Be supportive and we can go a long way.. I am a Scorpio and I hate two faced people..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - sterling189, Male
    Sterling189 Male, 39, Grand Forks

    I completed my Doctorate in Public Relations. (Kinda makes me good at relationships).

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - nat676, Male
    Nat676 Male, 31, Grand Forks

    Being a Libra and a great multitasker. (does not necessarily mean I am dating multiple people). I am a Man and an animal lover.. I am an doctor Good looks, clean heart & dirty mind..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - barth563, Male
    Barth563 Male, 39, Grand Forks

    I Regularly just for the gist of it. I am a Leo . Cold, distant and unforgiving. Don't screw with me.. I am Vegetarian Have you heard of the word named Karma?.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - ittnis, Male
    Ittnis Male, 27, Grand Forks

    I am here for New Friends someone who can sum up his life interests in five words.. I am a Bachelors in Medicine. It's the best one can achieve..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - elbert533, Male
    Elbert533 Male, 29, Grand Forks

    I am looking for Friendship to enjoy my life to the fullest.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - sandeepso, Male
    Sandeepso Male, 23, Grand Forks

    I am looking for Love who has a big heart..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - lovell34de, Male
    Lovell34de Male, 28, Grand Forks

    I am looking for Activity Partner Someone who wouldn't talk on a movie date.. I am Divorced It's not as bad as it sounds..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - jordan81lo, Male
    Jordan81lo Male, 40, Grand Forks

    I Don't smoke and I am happy that I don't.. I love Vegetarian and it sucks!. I am here for Soulmate but my mood changes quite often..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - ukkdde, Male
    Ukkdde Male, 24, Grand Forks

    I Drink often I don't know why is that. Stop asking.. I would not be single Looking for someone to be my friend first..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - jamarcus33sa, Male
    Jamarcus33sa Male, 40, Grand Forks

    I am here for Soulmate Love isn't my strong suit. Lust is.. I Drink often I take care of it by not drinking much at a time..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - hamilton659, Male
    Hamilton659 Male, 32, Grand Forks

    I Drink occasionally I am interesting enough without it..