• Single Guy Profile Photo - sanborn690, Male
    Sanborn690 Male, 21, Grand Falls

    I am a Guy and a huge fan of Rahul Dravid.. I am looking for Someone Special Any decent people out there?.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - wenda566, Male
    Wenda566 Male, 24, Grand Falls

    I am here for New People Someone who likes to travel..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - janica26ka, Male
    Janica26ka Male, 23, Grand Falls

    I am looking for New Friends I know what I want. Do you?. I am looking for Long Term Relationship who will treat me good.. I am a Guy who is passionate about gadgets..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - acacio46ra, Male
    Acacio46ra Male, 19, Grand Falls

    I am an Libra ; but are you really in to this dumb stuff?. I am a Masters in Computer Applications. I make apps now. Pretty cool, eh?. I am here for Internet Buddies Someone who loves to talk..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - shelton750, Male
    Shelton750 Male, 26, Grand Falls

    I Don't smoke smoke, it feels good.. I am a Psychologist and I love it!.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - olin72ba, Male
    Olin72ba Male, 37, Grand Falls

    I am looking for Buddy Someone who can challenge me.. I am a Man who can cook maggie in 2 minutes..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - mathew71gu, Male
    Mathew71gu Male, 38, Grand Falls

    I am a lawyer and for the last time, sensodine does not help!.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - rddrkh, Male
    Rddrkh Male, 26, Grand Falls

    I am here for Casual Dating who can inspire me.. I am Divorced and awkward.. I am Eggetarian because I'm 'grey' kind of a person. Never fully black or white..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - cameron87de, Male
    Cameron87de Male, 28, Grand Falls

    I Sometimes smoke. It's too late to quit.. I Do not drink It Can Lower Your Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease. I swear this is the only reason I drink.. I have done my Bachelors in science..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - sky70ag, Male
    Sky70ag Male, 20, Grand Falls

    I am an Student , jealous?. I'm Vegan Life's too short to not eat eggs..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - sable47te, Male
    Sable47te Male, 32, Grand Falls

    I Do not drink because my family is strictly against it.. I am Eggetarian I just do what my taste buds ask me to..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - roland16ja, Male
    Roland16ja Male, 20, Grand Falls

    I am a Guy and I got inspired by Into The Wild. (Can start living in a trailer anytime).