• Single Guy Profile Photo - warton19ga, Male
    Warton19ga Male, 34, Granby

    Sice I am a Aries I expect a lot!. I am here for Long Term Relationship Why are people obsessed about it? Can't we go with the flow?.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - rolf473, Male
    Rolf473 Male, 21, Granby

    Not a pub kind of a person. Let's meet in a cafe?.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - fielding496, Male
    Fielding496 Male, 40, Granby

    I am a Psychologist My students call me nazi.. I am Divorced It's hard to believe I am making a profile on a dating app.. I Don't smoke My house has a no smoking rule..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - ekkrmo, Male
    Ekkrmo Male, 25, Granby

    I am a Bachelors in Pharmacy. I can write you drug subscription. ;). I love Non vegetarian I am health conscious.. I Drink often It's better than doing cocaine for confidence..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - quincy328, Male
    Quincy328 Male, 34, Granby

    I'm Vegetarian It's not boring.. I Regularly I smoke weed though. ;).

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - veston475, Male
    Veston475 Male, 39, Granby

    I am looking for Someone Special whom I can manipulate easily. (devil face smiley). I Regularly , I would prefer if you don't either..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - zed951, Male
    Zed951 Male, 23, Granby

    Since I am Journalist You won't have to worry about our kid's education..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - mathieu313, Male
    Mathieu313 Male, 18, Granby

    I am single but not desperate.. I am looking for Someone Special And I hate silly mushy nicknames.. I am here for Partner who is ambitious..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - wells46sh, Male
    Wells46sh Male, 30, Granby

    I completed my Bachelors in Fashion. Yep, I would judge you by your dressing sense.. I Drink because I'm too poor to afford a liver transplant.. I am a Model and I love it!.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - haris865, Male
    Haris865 Male, 23, Granby

    I Regularly I am going to give you regular lectures if you do.. I Drink often I bring whiskey in knife fight. A bottle of whiskey. A sharp edged bottle of whiskey..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - roland4bo, Male
    Roland4bo Male, 37, Granby

    I am here for Long Term Relationship Life is too short for other things.. I am looking for Activity Partner Someone who loves life!.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - julius86sr, Male
    Julius86sr Male, 20, Granby

    I am a Psychologist and you're probably too slow to be with me..