• Single Guy Profile Photo - arnaud329, Male
    Arnaud329 Male, 32, Glace Bay

    I am Divorced and bored.. I am looking for Internet Buddies Why brings you here? (Please don't say broken heart).

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - armaan52ba, Male
    Armaan52ba Male, 35, Glace Bay

    Sassy, beautiful, blunt..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - pelton383, Male
    Pelton383 Male, 26, Glace Bay

    I am looking for Romance Someone who can make me cocktails.. I am a dentist Nope, I am not gonna check your paining tooth. It's a date, not an appointment..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - garin5bo, Male
    Garin5bo Male, 18, Glace Bay

    I am a flight attendant , I hope you don't count calories.. I am looking for New Friends Looking for glass half full kind of a person.. I am single and looking for a good company..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - sterling226, Male
    Sterling226 Male, 38, Glace Bay

    I am Divorced because I can't share food.. I am here for Someone Special I need someone who can inspire me to go to gym..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - isham24ka, Male
    Isham24ka Male, 19, Glace Bay

    I love Vegan If eating a human is wrong, so is eating an animal.. I call myself a Journalist Yeah, I do get friend-zoned a lot. Sigh!.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - zev34se, Male
    Zev34se Male, 39, Glace Bay

    I am here for Flirting Someone who values finer things in life.......such as a good hair day!.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - hyying, Male
    Hyying Male, 40, Glace Bay

    My star sign is Capricorn My ex told me I am obsessive, compulsive & jealous. Can you handle that?.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - dennis54sa, Male
    Dennis54sa Male, 21, Glace Bay

    I am looking for Casual Dating who is respectful and humble.. I am a Guy with a big smile!.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - robbie238, Male
    Robbie238 Male, 35, Glace Bay

    I am Separated and looking to get remarried.. I Sometimes smoke, I would quit real soon..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - reggie88du, Male
    Reggie88du Male, 27, Glace Bay

    I completed my Masters in Rehabilitation Therapy. People need me.. I am an photographer A good lawyer knows the case, I great lawyer knows the Judge. ;).

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - sigmund34ba, Male
    Sigmund34ba Male, 40, Glace Bay

    I am an writer Brownie points if you buy my brownies..