• Single Guy Profile Photo - payden20ba, Male
    Payden20ba Male, 26, Gatineau

    I am a Man and I don't pout in selfies.. I Drink because I can..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - reggie43ba, Male
    Reggie43ba Male, 32, Gatineau

    What you seek is seeking you!.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - ulrick34vo, Male
    Ulrick34vo Male, 20, Gatineau

    I am a Guy and I make the best pasta in town.. Since I'm a Sagittarius I would probably need a lot of time to decide whether you're right for me.. I Don't smoke smoke, when I have to give company to a friend..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - levon73ha, Male
    Levon73ha Male, 22, Gatineau

    I am looking for Friends with all of you beautiful people. Being a Gemini family, I prefer peaceful and smooth relationships. I am a Guy with an ISFJ personality..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - rayburn531, Male
    Rayburn531 Male, 33, Gatineau

    I am looking for Friendship How about that!. I completed my Masters in Occupational Therapy..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - edward37pa, Male
    Edward37pa Male, 31, Gatineau

    I am looking for Match because love is overrated.. Since I belong to the Capricorn I am practical, ambitious and sensual.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - russgr, Male
    Russgr Male, 29, Gatineau

    I Regularly smoke. There is no harm in having occasional fun..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - bradley91bo, Male
    Bradley91bo Male, 20, Gatineau

    I am single so I'm here to meet beautiful people. I am looking for Romance to add colors to my boring life..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - langford262, Male
    Langford262 Male, 18, Gatineau

    My star sign is Gemini and I am always available to help people out.. I Don't smoke smoke. I do enough exercise to keep it balanced..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - orlondo19ha, Male
    Orlondo19ha Male, 36, Gatineau

    I am here for Serious Relationship because life's too short to be serious. I Drink often There are better things to do..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - lyman569, Male
    Lyman569 Male, 33, Gatineau

    I Drink occasionally I am interesting enough without it.. I am a Man with a healthy heart and body.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - halle21sa, Male
    Halle21sa Male, 19, Gatineau

    I'm Non vegetarian because I'm not a cruel person..