• Gatineau Man Profile Photo - Irvin45ka
    Irvin45ka Male, 26, Gatineau

    I am Separated with a kid..

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  • Gatineau Dating Guy Profile Photo - Rene92re
    Rene92re Male, 19, Gatineau

    I am single Does it matter?.

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  • Gatineau Man Profile Photo - Mandy38dh
    Mandy38dh Male, 32, Gatineau

    I am a Physiotherapist Would you believe if I say I like you?. I completed my Masters in Prosthetics & Orthotics.. I Do not drink Somehow managed to stay away it..

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  • Gatineau Dating Guy Profile Photo - Luke28te
    Luke28te Male, 23, Gatineau

    I am here for Romance I'll rock your world.. I Don't smoke smoke. I would appreciate if you don't start counting the money I wasted in buying cigarettes..

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  • Gatineau Man Profile Photo - Franky1pu
    Franky1pu Male, 28, Gatineau

    I'm Vegetarian and I don't like other stuff.

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  • Gatineau Dating Guy Profile Photo - Zebulun98pu
    Zebulun98pu Male, 20, Gatineau

    I am happily single but don't wanna stay this way for the rest of my life.. I am looking for Soulmate who loves Netflix & chilling.. I Do not drink I take care of it by not drinking much at a time..

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  • Gatineau Man Profile Photo - Unique79kr
    Unique79kr Male, 28, Gatineau

    I am looking for Long Term Relationship Someone who can enjoy Pyaar ka Punchnama as well as The Notebook.. I Drink occasionally , just to give company..

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  • Gatineau Man Profile Photo - Eppliv
    Eppliv Male, 27, Gatineau

    I love Vegetarian Never liked meat..

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  • Gatineau Man Profile Photo - Hubert54ta
    Hubert54ta Male, 36, Gatineau

    I am here for Long Term Relationship Please don't be a creep.. I Don't smoke smoke, only after having a long day in office..

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  • Gatineau Man Profile Photo - Randall74ka
    Randall74ka Male, 35, Gatineau

    I Drink occasionally and I know things. I'm warning you, I'm a Taurus . Cold, distant and unforgiving. Don't screw with me.. I Don't smoke smoke. There's already so much pollution in the air, smoking won't affect me much..

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  • Gatineau Man Profile Photo - Jaron93bu
    Jaron93bu Male, 34, Gatineau

    I am looking for Friends because being alone feels bad.. I Don't smoke smoke. No excuses..

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  • Gatineau Man Profile Photo - Adley63ma
    Adley63ma Male, 35, Gatineau

    I completed my Doctorate am I'm no more interested in studying.

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