• Single Girl Profile Photo - abri905, Female
    Abri905 Female, 23, Gatineau

    I am a Aquarius If you want to impress me, start with an interesting conversation.. I am looking for Soulmate Love isn't my strong suit. Lust is..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - mathilde47mu, Female
    Mathilde47mu Female, 37, Gatineau

    I am unfortunately Divorced I had my reasons..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - omeira93ma, Female
    Omeira93ma Female, 29, Gatineau

    I Sometimes smoke, I am planning to cut it though.. I love Vegetarian because I'm 'grey' kind of a person. Never fully black or white..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - carmalla852, Female
    Carmalla852 Female, 26, Gatineau

    I am a Women who loves to sing.. I am Widowed I am getting great at it. (Please save me). I love Vegan and I don't like other stuff.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - batshevaki, Female
    Batshevaki Female, 24, Gatineau

    I Don't smoke smoke. My job is stressful.. I'm Vegan I won't mind if you order chicken..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - serafine2ta, Female
    Serafine2ta Female, 20, Gatineau

    I am a photographer So now you know I am intelligent.. I am a Girl and I make the best pasta in town..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - cassundra1so, Female
    Cassundra1so Female, 28, Gatineau

    I am looking for Dating Bored of playing FIFA in manager mode..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - elvina137, Female
    Elvina137 Female, 36, Gatineau

    I've pursued Masters in psychology. Still can't read your mind.. I am a Journalist by choice. It's not like I couldn't score enough for MBBS.. I am here for Friends who are full of life and adventure.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - tiffany916, Female
    Tiffany916 Female, 29, Gatineau

    I am a Women who is 24x7 cheerful. I am a dietitian Let's discuss world?. I am a Masters in Library Science. (Well, people make mistakes).

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - phyliss73ga, Female
    Phyliss73ga Female, 32, Gatineau

    I Do not drink as it helps me with my dance moves in parties.. I am looking for Better half It is about time!.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - emmily23pr, Female
    Emmily23pr Female, 38, Gatineau

    Being a Virgo so awesomeness is given!. I am a baker and I post pictures of food. Helps me get free food..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - delphine955, Female
    Delphine955 Female, 35, Gatineau

    I am here for Activity Partner Though it keeps on changing time to time..