• Single Girl Profile Photo - abigall97ra, Female
    Abigall97ra Female, 28, Gabriola

    I am looking for Long Term Relationship who is independent.. I am a Masters in Basic Development Therapy. We all make mistakes..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - alawa178, Female
    Alawa178 Female, 38, Gabriola

    I am looking for New Friends someone who can do more than blending in the crowd..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - nanon647, Female
    Nanon647 Female, 30, Gabriola

    I am a consultant by choice. It's not like I couldn't score enough for MBBS.. I Don't smoke smoke, I hope you don't have a problem with that.. I am a Women who can sing 'nothing else matters' for you..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - ravin86kh, Female
    Ravin86kh Female, 24, Gabriola

    I am single Recently learned that life doesn't stop with it.. I am here for Activity Partner and true love.. I am a Girl who treats life as an adventure!.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - rooypm, Female
    Rooypm Female, 33, Gabriola

    I love Vegetarian only on Tuesdays & Thursdays.. Being a Libra and I get attached to gentle people.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - romy800, Female
    Romy800 Female, 39, Gabriola

    I am a Aries , King of all zodiac signs (Self proclaimed).. I am an professor If you think I am having a good time, I might be acting..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - ionia72ra, Female
    Ionia72ra Female, 19, Gabriola

    I am here for Buddy If you play hard to get, you better be deserving it..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - frederique32so, Female
    Frederique32so Female, 19, Gabriola

    I Sometimes smoke in office parties.. I am a Girl with an ISTJ personality.. I am here for Serious Relationship The arranged marriage thing is too scary..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - flavie723, Female
    Flavie723 Female, 29, Gabriola

    I Do not drink I hate the word teetotaller.. I am here for Friends since I feel depressed to be alone.. I am Vegan because I like to breath and eat fresh air!.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - alawa87pr, Female
    Alawa87pr Female, 21, Gabriola

    I am here for New People who is well settled.. I am single and I'm here to meet awesome people..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - urith38lu, Female
    Urith38lu Female, 19, Gabriola

    I am a Student Filled with knowledge.. I am looking for Serious Relationship with whom I can fall in love at first sight..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - fredie210, Female
    Fredie210 Female, 36, Gabriola

    Being a Libra and I seek compatibility..