• Single Girl Profile Photo - katelyn30za, Female
    Katelyn30za Female, 34, Fredericton

    I am a Women and a die-hard Kohli fan.. I am looking for Internet Buddies Someone who is tall. Like really tall..

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  • Single Girl Profile Photo - emy80ma, Female
    Emy80ma Female, 22, Fredericton

    I love Vegan and I'll never eat flesh.

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  • Single Girl Profile Photo - natacha355, Female
    Natacha355 Female, 27, Fredericton

    I am Widowed , hope that doesn't affect my chances to date here.. I have done my Masters looking for investors for my business proposal.. I am looking for Serious Relationship Nothing else..

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  • Single Girl Profile Photo - charlene77ku, Female
    Charlene77ku Female, 38, Fredericton

    I am Vegetarian My body, my kitchen, my choice.. I am here for Buddy relationship, attachment and a happy life.. I have done my Masters in psychology. Still can't read your mind..

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  • Single Girl Profile Photo - helisa98na, Female
    Helisa98na Female, 34, Fredericton

    I Sometimes smoke. I love making rings.. I am here for Friends because love happens just once. And I have done it with myself..

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  • Single Girl Profile Photo - shameera62ba, Female
    Shameera62ba Female, 32, Fredericton

    I am looking for Dating to enjoy my life to the fullest. I'm an actor Learning never stops. (Sigh!).

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  • Single Girl Profile Photo - rayma62vi, Female
    Rayma62vi Female, 32, Fredericton

    Basically I love life and I love living life....

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  • Single Girl Profile Photo - jacob781, Female
    Jacob781 Female, 40, Fredericton

    I am Divorced and am looking for casual relationship only.. I Regularly smoke. Because I love it when it numbs the mind..

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  • Single Girl Profile Photo - queen38ch, Female
    Queen38ch Female, 38, Fredericton

    I am Eggetarian Nope, I have no sympathy for that poor chicken.. I am looking for Someone Special Someone who is somewhere in between sensitive & savage.. I Drink often I don't have a problem if you do..

    Woman Looking for Friendship

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - genisa97om, Female
    Genisa97om Female, 22, Fredericton

    I am a Girl and I love nature.. I am here for Serious Relationship who can understand my emotions.

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  • Single Girl Profile Photo - dalene77wa, Female
    Dalene77wa Female, 19, Fredericton

    I Drink I am not addicted to it.. I am looking for Someone Special The arranged marriage thing is too scary..

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  • Single Girl Profile Photo - jordyn602, Female
    Jordyn602 Female, 23, Fredericton

    I start my day with a morning jog. Then I wake up. Such nightmares I have..

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