• Single Girl Profile Photo - halee359, Female
    Halee359 Female, 22, Fredericton

    I am looking for New People Looking for old fashioned, butterflies in the stomach kind of love.. I am a 10th in pharma. I had a lot of free time..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - marcie90an, Female
    Marcie90an Female, 35, Fredericton

    I am a Women who doesn't seek attention. I somehow get it without trying..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - serenity15yo, Female
    Serenity15yo Female, 37, Fredericton

    I am here for Internet Buddies Someone who doesn't post every picture on Instagram with a million hashtag.. I am Single I know you are sorry. Don't say it as an opening line..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - garnette86so, Female
    Garnette86so Female, 25, Fredericton

    I am single and looking to get remarried.. I've pursued Doctorate and I believe education is the way to purposeful life. I am looking for Long Term Relationship Someone who loves inappropriate jokes..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - gardeniasw, Female
    Gardeniasw Female, 35, Fredericton

    I am looking for Casual Dating But our political views have to match.. My star sign is Virgo I've been known to be a true friend..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - angelina77da, Female
    Angelina77da Female, 24, Fredericton

    I Don't smoke Now this is a cool thing.. I Drink often Drink at first sight kind of a person..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - derhyn51na, Female
    Derhyn51na Female, 27, Fredericton

    I am a Taurus I am a logical thinker, a good listener & great at advice..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - derhyn916, Female
    Derhyn916 Female, 39, Fredericton

    I Drink often Even Tyron Lannister did, and he's alive in a show which kills people like mosquitos.. I was Separated I don't know whose fault was it. Don't ask stupid questions..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - muuabl, Female
    Muuabl Female, 26, Fredericton

    I am a Taurus I can't compromise with my independence.. I'm Vegan I don't eat beef though.. I am here for Partner where my partner stays by my side beyond all storms in life..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - abree67up, Female
    Abree67up Female, 31, Fredericton

    I love Vegetarian because I don't like meat.. I Drink but I am always in control.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - faith976, Female
    Faith976 Female, 38, Fredericton

    I am a Women , gender doesn't matter (for me).. I am here for Long Term Relationship and true love..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - pixie969, Female
    Pixie969 Female, 33, Fredericton

    I am here for Match who is also looking for a fun-loving person.