• Single Guy Profile Photo - julien34, Male
    Julien34 Male, 33, Florenceville

    I am a Taurus family, I prefer peaceful and smooth relationships. I'm Non vegetarian Never liked meat..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - jonathan69ra, Male
    Jonathan69ra Male, 32, Florenceville

    I completed my Bachelors in philosophy. The most interesting subject there can be..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - zachary34ba, Male
    Zachary34ba Male, 27, Florenceville

    Being a Leo I am Active, Courageous and Energetic. I am here for New People I can help you filling your bucket list (Just the sexual one)..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - tafaii, Male
    Tafaii Male, 20, Florenceville

    I am here for Better half and just here for networking.. I am single Well, it's complicated.. I am a Guy and my preference is also same. ;).

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - ralphie367, Male
    Ralphie367 Male, 25, Florenceville

    I am here for Match Bored of playing FIFA in manager mode.. I am a photographer Love is in the hair..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - welford356, Male
    Welford356 Male, 20, Florenceville

    I am looking for Partner Here for kicks..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - zavad12sa, Male
    Zavad12sa Male, 30, Florenceville

    Can you really judge a person by few lines? We might end up getting married and then you'll find out I am a serial killer..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - matteo311, Male
    Matteo311 Male, 36, Florenceville

    I am a Man and I am proud of it.. I am a dentist I don't know why the P is silent..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - lex202, Male
    Lex202 Male, 20, Florenceville

    I am a Gemini I am in search of someone honest, patient and tidy.. I am here for Dating Someone who loves to laugh..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - pearson38ba, Male
    Pearson38ba Male, 26, Florenceville

    I am here for Friendship a trustworthy one. That's it.. I Do not drink Just an occasional beer when I go out..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - etienne376, Male
    Etienne376 Male, 20, Florenceville

    I Regularly smoke. Why? Because it feels good.. I am looking for Love Someone who is somewhere in between sensitive & savage..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - georgenew433, Male
    Georgenew433 Male, 27, Florenceville

    A human being. (Last I checked).