• Single Girl Profile Photo - hailey83va, Female
    Hailey83va Female, 31, Fernie

    I am a Capricorn I can carry a grudge! Don't come in my bad book.. I am Divorced I don't have time to tell you the difference between Separated and Divorced. Google it..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - serafine517, Female
    Serafine517 Female, 19, Fernie

    I Regularly smoke and I like it very much..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - gabriella34du, Female
    Gabriella34du Female, 37, Fernie

    I Don't smoke smoke, to relieve the stress.. I am looking for Long Term Relationship but my mood changes quite often.. I love Non vegetarian Try it for a week, see the changes in your body..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - daralis386, Female
    Daralis386 Female, 40, Fernie

    I Do not drink but I know my limits.. I Sometimes smoke when a friend insists..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - katie61ra, Female
    Katie61ra Female, 27, Fernie

    I am here for Friends because I am ready to mingle.. I am a Women with an ENFJ personality..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - kayla66mu, Female
    Kayla66mu Female, 24, Fernie

    I am a Aquarius I have a lot of friends!. I Regularly smoke. I eat healthy food to compensate..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - magalie79ga, Female
    Magalie79ga Female, 18, Fernie

    I am here for Love who can keep me happy.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - theresa35du, Female
    Theresa35du Female, 34, Fernie

    I Don't smoke smoke. Ahh it feels good when I do.. I am a Bachelors in philosophy. I just like going to the depths..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - ellectra52lo, Female
    Ellectra52lo Female, 40, Fernie

    I am a Masters in Architecture. I build dreams. I Drink It's not easy being drunk all the time. Everyone would do it if it were easy.. I am a Women who is a go getter..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - carmelit194, Female
    Carmelit194 Female, 24, Fernie

    I Drink because it becomes awkward to stand with a glass of juice in your office party.. I am single It's not easy..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - dervla953, Female
    Dervla953 Female, 28, Fernie

    I am Single and independent.. I have done my Masters and I'm in between jobs currently..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - marcelen60ma, Female
    Marcelen60ma Female, 28, Fernie

    I Regularly smoke. Preparing my body for future pollution. Have you seen Delhi?.