• Etobicoke Guy Profile Photo - connor9th
    Connor9th Male, 37, Etobicoke

    What made you cry the last time?.

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  • Etobicoke Guy Profile Photo - baron4ma
    Baron4ma Male, 21, Etobicoke

    I am a Guy and a trekker!. I am single I have calm, warm and loving nature.. I Regularly Give me one good reason why should I..

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  • Etobicoke Guy Profile Photo - louis95so
    Louis95so Male, 34, Etobicoke

    I am here for Match Someone who would join me in adventure trips.. I am Vegetarian I don't eat beef though.. I am a hair stylist by choice. It's not like I couldn't score enough for MBBS..

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  • Etobicoke Guy Profile Photo - bernie72la
    Bernie72la Male, 27, Etobicoke

    I Do not drink Forced to drink in parties.. I am a Man who likes intelligent people.

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  • Etobicoke Guy Profile Photo - terrence34ka
    Terrence34ka Male, 39, Etobicoke

    I am Separated Life is too short to be sad. I learned this the hard way.. I'm Vegetarian I can't eat plants all the time..

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  • Etobicoke Guy Profile Photo - elden66ja
    Elden66ja Male, 26, Etobicoke

    I am not 'Friday' kind of a person. I love my life seven days a week. Looking for someone with similar trait..

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  • Etobicoke Guy Profile Photo - sonny47me
    Sonny47me Male, 24, Etobicoke

    I am here for Buddy How about that!. I am a event manager Don't worry, I am old enough to date.. I am a Guy and I like jumping from planes..

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  • Etobicoke Guy Profile Photo - scott16me
    Scott16me Male, 21, Etobicoke

    I am here for Flirting Someone with whom I can listen to Jim Morrison.. I'm Non vegetarian , try it, you'll love it.. I Drink occasionally I have seen what it does to people..

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  • Etobicoke Guy Profile Photo - jacksoin76ma
    Jacksoin76ma Male, 25, Etobicoke

    I have done my Doctorate in Technology. One of the three mistakes of my life.. I Drink often I take care of it by not drinking much at a time..

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