• Single Girl Profile Photo - georgeanna632, Female
    Georgeanna632 Female, 32, Etobicoke

    I am a Engineer I am always high.. I am here for Long Term Relationship with whom I can fall in love at first sight..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - bernadine640, Female
    Bernadine640 Female, 24, Etobicoke

    I am single Don't bring it up..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - capucine655, Female
    Capucine655 Female, 28, Etobicoke

    I completed my Masters and am planning for higher education. I'm Vegan If you have a problem with it, stay away.. I am looking for Match Someone who respects everyone irrespective of age, gender or occupation..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - nifs, Female
    Nifs Female, 26, Etobicoke

    I Don't smoke smoke. Ahh it feels good when I do.. I am here for Partner can I find it here?. I Do not drink because I am selfish and wants to live longer..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - kristina901, Female
    Kristina901 Female, 35, Etobicoke

    I Sometimes smoke. Life is too short to care.. I am an flight attendant It's different masseuse..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - sophie585, Female
    Sophie585 Female, 25, Etobicoke

    I've pursued Bachelors and am looking for stability in life.. I am single because we live in a country which has fucked up sex ratio..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - daliborka0su, Female
    Daliborka0su Female, 34, Etobicoke

    I've pursued Bachelors and I believe education is the way to purposeful life.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - ly-ass, Female
    Ly-ass Female, 30, Etobicoke

    I am looking for Better half who can spice up my life.. I am Non vegetarian Paneer is as good as chicken..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - nokomis814, Female
    Nokomis814 Female, 37, Etobicoke

    I am a banker My students call me nazi.. I Do not drink because life becomes interesting with it..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - selinay, Female
    Selinay Female, 33, Etobicoke

    I am Separated because I would prefer watching netflix and having a beer than going out on wine dates.. I Don't smoke smoke. I love holding a cigarette..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - abbygail232, Female
    Abbygail232 Female, 33, Etobicoke

    I was Divorced I would appriciate if you respect my boundaries.. I am a Leo I am in search of self awareness and constant growth (of my ego!)..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - majesta62ma, Female
    Majesta62ma Female, 26, Etobicoke

    Being Widowed and awkward..