• Single Guy Profile Photo - jay45ba, Male
    Jay45ba Male, 29, Estevan

    I am a Man who dances on tables when drunk.. I am a scientist I am a problem solver..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - awsivv, Male
    Awsivv Male, 39, Estevan

    A quintessential person!.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - zachary47su, Male
    Zachary47su Male, 26, Estevan

    I am a dentist Would you believe if I say I like you?. I am looking for New People Though it keeps on changing time to time..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - rahess, Male
    Rahess Male, 35, Estevan

    I am Single and need someone hang out with.. I am here for Match looking for a gypsy soul basically.. I am Eggetarian because all animals are equal. Would you kill a dog?.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - kodie950, Male
    Kodie950 Male, 30, Estevan

    I am a Man and I love nature.. I am Separated but I am looking for an understandable, matured partner..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - ross43ro, Male
    Ross43ro Male, 30, Estevan

    I am looking for Someone Special with all of you beautiful people.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - rolf903, Male
    Rolf903 Male, 34, Estevan

    I have done my Masters but I am planning to start a business..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - gauge92kr, Male
    Gauge92kr Male, 29, Estevan

    I am here for Partner someone who loves experimenting..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - ridley830, Male
    Ridley830 Male, 32, Estevan

    I completed my Bachelors in journalism. You can't really trust me.. I am an Engineer So now you know I am intelligent.. I Drink occasionally Don't tell me how good it is. I don't like it..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - miles85ra, Male
    Miles85ra Male, 30, Estevan

    I Do not drink Drink at first sight kind of a person.. I Sometimes , I have tried once, didn't enjoy it..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - harmon870, Male
    Harmon870 Male, 32, Estevan

    I am here for Serious Relationship Someone who can challenge me.. I Drink often , I don't need alcohol to have fun..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - mikael72wa, Male
    Mikael72wa Male, 40, Estevan

    I am an consultant I worked hard for these abs. No beer date..