• Edmundston Guy Profile Photo - rickey37pa
    Rickey37pa Male, 30, Edmundston

    I am a Man , valar morghulis.. I Don't smoke smoke. I know I can control the habit..

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  • Edmundston Guy Profile Photo - severin14la
    Severin14la Male, 26, Edmundston

    I am Non vegetarian because there's sufficient variety there..

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  • Edmundston Guy Profile Photo - olliver34bo
    Olliver34bo Male, 31, Edmundston

    I don't Drink occasionally I am not an engineer.. I Don't smoke I tried once to make rings. Failed miserably..

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  • Edmundston Guy Profile Photo - abimael35du
    Abimael35du Male, 22, Edmundston

    I am here for Love Looking for love which is supposed to be in the air.. I am a Guy who owns a cat..

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  • Edmundston Guy Profile Photo - barrington40kr
    Barrington40kr Male, 23, Edmundston

    I am a Scorpio I believe in freedom of speech.. I am here for Romance Nothing else..

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  • Edmundston Guy Profile Photo - antoine50re
    Antoine50re Male, 31, Edmundston

    I've pursued Bachelors but I want to be an entrepreneur. I am a banker and I love it..

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  • Edmundston Guy Profile Photo - pier99la
    Pier99la Male, 39, Edmundston

    I Sometimes because I like to breath freely..

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  • Edmundston Guy Profile Photo - emrick34na
    Emrick34na Male, 22, Edmundston

    I am here for Dating because I am ready to mingle.. I am a Bachelors in History. Which kinda makes me old..

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  • Edmundston Guy Profile Photo - lawson45ap
    Lawson45ap Male, 35, Edmundston

    I Do not drink Even Tyron Lannister did, and he's alive in a show which kills people like mosquitos.. I am an professor , unfortunately.. I am a Sagittarius I have an organized life. (I think Monica was a Virgo too!).

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