• Single Girl Profile Photo - rebecca16vi, Female
    Rebecca16vi Female, 35, Edmonton

    I'm Vegetarian I don't like sea food though.. I am looking for New People Someone who can enjoy Pyaar ka Punchnama as well as The Notebook..

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  • Single Girl Profile Photo - kate9da, Female
    Kate9da Female, 30, Edmonton

    Are you creative? Then imagine this is a funny bio..

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  • Single Girl Profile Photo - battina9sa, Female
    Battina9sa Female, 40, Edmonton

    I am Eggetarian Not gonna debate on eat.. I am Divorced by fate, but I want to be committed by choice.. I am an network administrator Pursuing my Bachelor's..

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  • Single Girl Profile Photo - rose93gi, Female
    Rose93gi Female, 19, Edmonton

    I am a hair stylist , I hope you don't count calories.. I Drink often because I am too happy to die young.. I am Vegan because survey states that vegans lead a healthier life than non-vegetarians..

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  • Single Girl Profile Photo - cassity971, Female
    Cassity971 Female, 34, Edmonton

    I Do not drink but I like tasting alcohol. I am a photographer Our babies would get free haircuts. I would charge you though!.

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  • Single Girl Profile Photo - abigil56pa, Female
    Abigil56pa Female, 25, Edmonton

    I am looking for Soulmate Someone who is fun to be around.. I love Non vegetarian and I'll never eat flesh.

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  • Single Girl Profile Photo - olympie73pr, Female
    Olympie73pr Female, 39, Edmonton

    Keep it casual. Don't over do it when you meet my dad..

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  • Single Girl Profile Photo - gaauki, Female
    Gaauki Female, 26, Edmonton

    I am unfortunately Single because I don't think there are people who would like to go on a date to some tapri for a chai.. I Drink occasionally I'm an engineer.. I Sometimes smoke. It's too late to quit..

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  • Single Girl Profile Photo - caelin23bh, Female
    Caelin23bh Female, 23, Edmonton

    I am looking for Serious Relationship if you're a good wingman.. I completed my Doctorate in Energy Study. Save it people, else we're doomed..

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  • Single Girl Profile Photo - abir21do, Female
    Abir21do Female, 18, Edmonton

    I am looking for Activity Partner It is about time!. I Drink often Don't tell my dad. (He'll tell you to mind your own business.).

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  • Single Girl Profile Photo - debbie88ka, Female
    Debbie88ka Female, 38, Edmonton

    I Sometimes smoke. If you can't stand it, don't bother.. I am looking for New People who loves dogs..

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  • Single Girl Profile Photo - elvine17ki, Female
    Elvine17ki Female, 20, Edmonton

    I am here for New People because life is too short to live alone..

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