• Single Guy Profile Photo - billte, Male
    Billte Male, 21, Dundalk

    I am Eggetarian I don't kill it myself.. I Sometimes smoke. It's too late to quit..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - rob45gi, Male
    Rob45gi Male, 40, Dundalk

    Looking for someone to share my life with..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - sailor89ra, Male
    Sailor89ra Male, 34, Dundalk

    I Drink occasionally A couple of drinks every alternate day doesn't hurt.. I am a Man and I'm Sexy!. I am here for Casual Dating who is respectful and humble..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - talia433, Male
    Talia433 Male, 40, Dundalk

    I Don't smoke Nope, you can't justify smoking to me.. I am Vegan and I am living a happy life.. I am an Gemini and all I seek is fun..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - rylee303, Male
    Rylee303 Male, 35, Dundalk

    I Drink often It's under control.. I am here for Soulmate someone whom my judgemental friends would approve..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - ishmael58si, Male
    Ishmael58si Male, 21, Dundalk

    I am looking for Better half who are full of life and adventure. I Drink occasionally I am not a drunkard..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - lesley25sh, Male
    Lesley25sh Male, 37, Dundalk

    I Drink occasionally but I am not an alcoholic..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - everettnew541, Male
    Everettnew541 Male, 21, Dundalk

    I am a Pisces and I seek compatibility.. I Sometimes smoke. So does SRK. He seems fit. Have you seen Ra.One? The guy jumped from a freaking building & survived..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - eldred1, Male
    Eldred1 Male, 24, Dundalk

    I am here for Love because being alone feels bad.. I am looking for Activity Partner if you're a good wingman.. I Do not drink It's not my cup of tea..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - nanrpp, Male
    Nanrpp Male, 38, Dundalk

    I am looking for Partner whom I can love!. I am a actor No, Swades isn't my favourite movie..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - nicodemus16sa, Male
    Nicodemus16sa Male, 25, Dundalk

    I am a Guy and an animal lover.. I am a photographer I get to boss people..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - day26, Male
    Day26 Male, 18, Dundalk

    I have done my 10th in Account & Financing. It's paying off..