• Dundalk dating girl photo - brianna69bu
    Brianna69bu Female, 27, Dundalk

    Being a Aquarius I am progressive, independent & humanitarian.. I completed my Masters in commerce. I didn't have anything else to do..

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  • Dundalk dating girl photo - katina43iy
    Katina43iy Female, 24, Dundalk

    I am single Not sure what to expect from the app..

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  • Dundalk dating girl photo - abrial51ko
    Abrial51ko Female, 37, Dundalk

    I am here for Internet Buddies Please don't be a creep.. I am here for Friendship who can trot along with me.. I Do not drink because my family is strictly against it..

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  • Dundalk dating girl photo - rosalienew24ka
    Rosalienew24ka Female, 34, Dundalk

    I am looking for Activity Partner Wouldn't it be cool if our lust turns in to love?. I Sometimes smoke when am tensed..

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  • Dundalk dating girl photo - autumn803
    Autumn803 Female, 35, Dundalk

    I am Divorced It has been a while now, I am over it.. I've pursued Masters in Information Systems Management..

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  • Dundalk dating girl photo - abira52ra
    Abira52ra Female, 25, Dundalk

    I am single and happy.. I'm warning you, I'm a Gemini you simply cannot doubt my sense of humor..

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  • Dundalk dating girl photo - maji30di
    Maji30di Female, 31, Dundalk

    I'm Divorced Let's see how it goes?.

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  • Dundalk dating girl photo - aurelie83ag
    Aurelie83ag Female, 20, Dundalk

    I am a Capricorn I like to achieve whatever I dream of.. I am looking for Soulmate who can bring out the best in me.. I love Non vegetarian , have you tried half fry?.

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  • Dundalk dating girl photo - halea30sh
    Halea30sh Female, 38, Dundalk

    I have done my Masters in Fashion. Yep, I would judge you by your dressing sense.. I am a Libra ; but are you really in to this dumb stuff?. I am a accountant a.k.a. a miracle worker..

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