• Single Girl Profile Photo - berlynn84me, Female
    Berlynn84me Female, 29, Duncan

    I am Non vegetarian Somethings are too tasty to be left alone.. I am unfortunately Widowed People do stupid things. I married one..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - evelyne41mu, Female
    Evelyne41mu Female, 27, Duncan

    I am a Women who is looking for true friends.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - kyra354, Female
    Kyra354 Female, 35, Duncan

    I Drink often Even Tyron Lannister did, and he's alive in a show which kills people like mosquitos.. My star sign is Pisces so awesomeness is given!. I am looking for Buddy Someone who loves life!.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - serenna53ch, Female
    Serenna53ch Female, 22, Duncan

    I am looking for Flirting someone capable of having a good conversation.. I am Vegetarian I am health conscious.. I am a Girl and I can give you a good time..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - gigi872, Female
    Gigi872 Female, 25, Duncan

    I Regularly smoke and I like it very much.. I am Vegan So?.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - shamira73ta, Female
    Shamira73ta Female, 36, Duncan

    I Regularly smoke. Bad habit picked up from college.. I am Single because I have trust issues..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - jakobinaza, Female
    Jakobinaza Female, 31, Duncan

    I am here for Friendship & I don't want to be used & dumped..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - zuleika21mo, Female
    Zuleika21mo Female, 29, Duncan

    I am looking for Someone Special where my partner stays by my side beyond all storms in life.. I have done my Bachelors and now I'm preparing for Army..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - shameera37gu, Female
    Shameera37gu Female, 21, Duncan

    I am looking for Buddy Someone who values finer things in life.......such as a good hair day!.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - nell55ra, Female
    Nell55ra Female, 33, Duncan

    I am Vegetarian I won't mind if you order a pizza or meat. Just don't ask me to taste.. I am a Psychologist and I hate every bit of it..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - bayly6de, Female
    Bayly6de Female, 28, Duncan

    I am here for Better half since I feel depressed to be alone..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - marie-pier20su, Female
    Marie-pier20su Female, 30, Duncan

    I am Separated Probably because I think FRIENDS is overrated..