• Single Guy Profile Photo - nhhurk, Male
    Nhhurk Male, 40, Dorset

    I am a Sagittarius and I am full of fun. I am looking for Love Looking for love which is supposed to be in the air..

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  • Single Guy Profile Photo - randell70de, Male
    Randell70de Male, 31, Dorset

    I Drink occasionally I am thinking of quitting..

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  • Single Guy Profile Photo - zebadiah44la, Male
    Zebadiah44la Male, 33, Dorset

    I am a event manager and I make people's dreams come true!. I Regularly I can't understand how it can relieve stress.. I am looking for Flirting since I feel depressed to be alone..

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  • Single Guy Profile Photo - newman60na, Male
    Newman60na Male, 22, Dorset

    I am here for Flirting Someone who is fun to be around.. I've pursued Bachelors in Labour Management. I am kind enough to think about others.. I am Guy who can sing 'nothing else matters' for you..

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  • Single Guy Profile Photo - paul15tr, Male
    Paul15tr Male, 39, Dorset

    I am an Libra My mom's opinions matter. If we match, that means she likes you.. I love Vegan since eggs are good for health..

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  • Single Guy Profile Photo - abrasha21mu, Male
    Abrasha21mu Male, 27, Dorset

    I am here for Romance Someone about whom I can brag in front of my friends.. I am here for Internet Buddies with all of you beautiful people.

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  • Single Guy Profile Photo - perry46ma, Male
    Perry46ma Male, 34, Dorset

    I love Non vegetarian I know, my life sucks..

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  • Single Guy Profile Photo - isham373, Male
    Isham373 Male, 24, Dorset

    I am here for Someone Special I need someone who can inspire me to go to gym.. I Drink I think it's not that bad..

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  • Single Guy Profile Photo - jeramy336, Male
    Jeramy336 Male, 39, Dorset

    I am looking for Long Term Relationship Someone who likes to travel.. I am Single because we live in a country which has fucked up sex ratio..

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  • Single Guy Profile Photo - goldwin16bi, Male
    Goldwin16bi Male, 26, Dorset

    I am a consultant Yet to experience this job thing.. I Don't smoke because I don't like it..

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  • Single Guy Profile Photo - marlin544, Male
    Marlin544 Male, 37, Dorset

    I am a Man and looking for an emotional connection.. I Drink often because I can..

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  • Single Guy Profile Photo - reegan67lu, Male
    Reegan67lu Male, 23, Dorset

    I am a Capricorn which makes me responsible & disciplined. Raw people, stay away..

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