• Single Girl Profile Photo - beatape, Female
    Beatape Female, 36, Dorset

    I Sometimes smoke after dinner.. I am a scientist and I know what it takes to manage things efficiently..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - neelis, Female
    Neelis Female, 38, Dorset

    I am happily Single It's not as bad as it sounds..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - udele193, Female
    Udele193 Female, 18, Dorset

    I am looking for Activity Partner Why brings you here? (Please don't say broken heart). I am looking for Match Someone who won't mind if I laugh at my own jokes.. I love Non vegetarian and I don't like other stuff.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - laetizia599, Female
    Laetizia599 Female, 18, Dorset

    I am looking for Romance someone who is good enough for my ego.. I am a hair stylist I don't fail my students for attendance..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - iggmeg, Female
    Iggmeg Female, 33, Dorset

    I Regularly smoke weed. Man it takes me to places.. I am Separated but I need a partner to make my fortune..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - serendipity85, Female
    Serendipity85 Female, 29, Dorset

    I am a Women and I love watching RomCom.. I am a professor I once smoked pot with my students..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - gaspara74ah, Female
    Gaspara74ah Female, 27, Dorset

    I love Vegetarian , try it, you'll love it..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - serah922, Female
    Serah922 Female, 36, Dorset

    I am here for New People because friendship is forever!. I'm Vegetarian because of religious reasons.. I am Single Please try to keep it simple..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - natalie575, Female
    Natalie575 Female, 39, Dorset

    I am Single I dare you to change that.. My star sign is Aries and I am always searching for deep, meaningful relationships.. I am a baker I did Anupam Kher's hair once..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - melodiesh, Female
    Melodiesh Female, 24, Dorset

    I am here for Friends who will treat me good.. I am here for New People who can inspire me..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - uleauu, Female
    Uleauu Female, 30, Dorset

    I am Widowed It still feels like a bad dream. Here for support.. I am a Women and am a foodie!.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - jacquelene944, Female
    Jacquelene944 Female, 25, Dorset

    I am looking for Flirting Someone whose idea of a perfect date is scuba diving. Horror movie would also work..