• Single Guy Profile Photo - rex31br, Male
    Rex31br Male, 36, Digby

    I'm Non vegetarian because my life isn't boring.. I am looking for Love Now pick up your pickup line accordingly..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - jerrin444, Male
    Jerrin444 Male, 38, Digby

    Like every Sagittarius I expect a lot!.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - talia39pr, Male
    Talia39pr Male, 36, Digby

    I Sometimes smoke. No excuses.. I am a photographer here to spread smiles.. I am looking for Buddy Someone who loves to talk..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - fischer12ba, Male
    Fischer12ba Male, 30, Digby

    I am Separated and waiting for the Knight in the shining armour. A normal black perfect fit suit would also work.. I have done my Bachelors in Speech Language & Audiology.. I am here for Long Term Relationship Only match if we are in sync here..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - peers31gi, Male
    Peers31gi Male, 21, Digby

    I Do not drink but I don't mind consuming it occasionally. I am looking for New Friends who likes movies, food and night outs..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - matt300, Male
    Matt300 Male, 32, Digby

    I love Vegan because plants give oxygen, why kill them?.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - zedekiah1ma, Male
    Zedekiah1ma Male, 38, Digby

    I am a Man who can sing 'nothing else matters' for you..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - rndg, Male
    Rndg Male, 30, Digby

    I am looking for Casual Dating Someone with whom I can be a literature nerd.. I am a Man , happy go lucky kind of a person.. I'm Vegetarian I didn't earlier. My trainer insisted..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - hayley27sa, Male
    Hayley27sa Male, 40, Digby

    I am a Man and one day, will be a great one!. I am looking for Friends who loves adventure, movies and food.. I am here for Soulmate If you are a realist, we'll hit it off..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - jae18me, Male
    Jae18me Male, 39, Digby

    I am a Virgo , tit for tat kind.. I am here for Buddy Don't be judgemental..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - sid224, Male
    Sid224 Male, 20, Digby

    I Sometimes I am going to give you regular lectures if you do.. I am a Sagittarius , fond of harmony, gentleness and outdoors..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - selby770, Male
    Selby770 Male, 20, Digby

    I Drink often How else will I find you interesting on our date?.