• Single Guy Profile Photo - tefayy, Male
    Tefayy Male, 31, Delta

    I am a Man (most probably).. I am here for Friendship who doesn't drink or smoke.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - aidan980, Male
    Aidan980 Male, 30, Delta

    I am looking for Activity Partner but my mood changes quite often..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - franklin50mo, Male
    Franklin50mo Male, 34, Delta

    I completed my Masters in sports. I am quite athletic.. I am a Aries I need space. Elon Musk, are you listening?. I am Separated I fear commitments..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - layton69ma, Male
    Layton69ma Male, 28, Delta

    I am here for Better half Someone who is somewhere in between sensitive & savage.. I Do not drink but I like tasting alcohol.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - kohl421, Male
    Kohl421 Male, 31, Delta

    I am Single It has been a while now, I am over it.. I am a Photographer it is tougher than it sounds..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - lleyton776, Male
    Lleyton776 Male, 20, Delta

    I am single and here to move on.. I Regularly It's an addiction. I hate addictions..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - lstlee, Male
    Lstlee Male, 20, Delta

    If you aren't an asshole, we're good. I guess I have low expectations from the world..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - scott94mo, Male
    Scott94mo Male, 33, Delta

    I Drink occasionally I have a hold on it.. I love Vegan because my family has stupid beliefs..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - prosper45bh, Male
    Prosper45bh Male, 30, Delta

    I Don't smoke smoke. My job is stressful.. I Do not drink Somehow managed to stay away it..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - thompson4ba, Male
    Thompson4ba Male, 30, Delta

    I am here for Long Term Relationship Only match if we are in sync here.. I am looking for New Friends who will treat me good..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - pearceho, Male
    Pearceho Male, 39, Delta

    I love Non vegetarian because I'm not a cruel person.. I am here for Long Term Relationship but my mood changes quite often..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - shad283, Male
    Shad283 Male, 39, Delta

    I am a Engineer I am always high..