• Single Guy Profile Photo - ulmer77ra, Male
    Ulmer77ra Male, 25, Dauphin

    I Drink often to release stress and make world interesting.. I am a Gemini if that matters..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - rio10ka, Male
    Rio10ka Male, 36, Dauphin

    I love Vegetarian because I go to gym..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - adli539, Male
    Adli539 Male, 21, Dauphin

    My visiting card says interior designer Country's future kind of depends on me!. I am a Guy and a good listener.. I Regularly smoke. Because once a moron told me it's cool..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - sheridan725, Male
    Sheridan725 Male, 20, Dauphin

    I am a Guy and I hated twilight series.. I have done my Masters in Design.. I Do not drink Office culture. Drinking is allowed in our office..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - peirce493, Male
    Peirce493 Male, 21, Dauphin

    I am single and I'm here to meet awesome people.. I am looking for Partner who has a big heart..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - mathis958, Male
    Mathis958 Male, 18, Dauphin

    I am looking for Better half Looking for glass half full kind of a person.. I am a Masters in sports. I am quite athletic..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - janica70da, Male
    Janica70da Male, 19, Dauphin

    I am a scientist and I hate every bit of it..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - reynard59ka, Male
    Reynard59ka Male, 18, Dauphin

    I Drink often I am totally fine handling you.. I am a Guy who makes lemons from lemonade and life goes Whaaaaat?.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - ulysses59su, Male
    Ulysses59su Male, 34, Dauphin

    My star sign is Sagittarius ; but are you really in to this dumb stuff?. I am here for Romance someone who is not complicated.. I am a Man and a trekker!.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - raymond42iy, Male
    Raymond42iy Male, 20, Dauphin

    I am a Guy and I can talk to ghosts.. I am a Journalist I work part time though..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - jaxson221, Male
    Jaxson221 Male, 39, Dauphin

    I Drink often because there's nothing wrong in it.. I am here for Partner where my partner stays by my side beyond all storms in life..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - sameer3di, Male
    Sameer3di Male, 34, Dauphin

    One day at a time my friend. No need to hurry. Let's take time and know each other..