• Single Girl Profile Photo - abebi4mo, Female
    Abebi4mo Female, 33, Dauphin

    I am a banker but the best desert I can offer is me. ;). Being Single Please don't ask questions about my ex or marriage..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - christine24sh, Female
    Christine24sh Female, 22, Dauphin

    Being a Taurus with open mind, open heart & open legs!.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - mnnisp, Female
    Mnnisp Female, 37, Dauphin

    I am a Diploma and now I'm preparing for Army.. I Regularly smoke. I do enough exercise to keep it balanced.. I'm warning you, I'm a Aries I am in constant search for harmony..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - happy626, Female
    Happy626 Female, 28, Dauphin

    I am a Women who makes lemons from lemonade and life goes Whaaaaat?. I Regularly smoke, but not as regularly as you think.. I am looking for Someone Special Someone whose last name suits my first..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - carleigh33ch, Female
    Carleigh33ch Female, 23, Dauphin

    I am a Girl and a good listener.. I am here for Dating looking for a gypsy soul basically..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - abrianna54ga, Female
    Abrianna54ga Female, 33, Dauphin

    Being a Cancer so please don't be boring.. I am a blogger I help people..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - onawa94su, Female
    Onawa94su Female, 22, Dauphin

    I have done my Bachelors I am working in a family business..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - phyllida121, Female
    Phyllida121 Female, 37, Dauphin

    I completed my Bachelors in economics. I still can do a better job than Mr. Jaitely.. I am a Pisces ; but are you really in to this dumb stuff?. I am here for Dating For now at least..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - carmaletta240, Female
    Carmaletta240 Female, 22, Dauphin

    I am here for Serious Relationship someone with whom I would like getting close to.. I am a Leo I am too stubborn to change my mind. If I don't like you on the first date, we won't be having a second date.. I am working as a interior designer Nope, I haven't been to space..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - annabelle8sa, Female
    Annabelle8sa Female, 36, Dauphin

    I have done my Masters in Tourism and Hospitality. It would be completely professional if I invite you to my place.. I am looking for Love that'll transform my life.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - noemie8ma, Female
    Noemie8ma Female, 21, Dauphin

    I am here for Better half and much more.... I am a Aries I am always there for the people I love..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - caia94mo, Female
    Caia94mo Female, 37, Dauphin

    I am a scientist It's your lucky day..