• Dauphin Dating Girl Profile Photo - Margie56pa
    Margie56pa Female, 25, Dauphin

    I am a Girl who is good at everything. Almost everything. Very few things actually. Okay fine! Good at nothing.. I Do not drink It saves me a lot of money..

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  • Dauphin Woman Profile Photo - Aayshah87to
    Aayshah87to Female, 37, Dauphin

    Your favourite author is Sydney Sheldon? Where the heck have you been my whole life?.

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  • Dauphin Woman Profile Photo - Georgiana57th
    Georgiana57th Female, 36, Dauphin

    I have done my Diploma and I'm a lecturer in college.. I am a banker I did Anupam Kher's hair once.. I am Eggetarian , try it, you'll love it..

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  • Dauphin Woman Profile Photo - Majida259
    Majida259 Female, 31, Dauphin

    I am looking for New Friends who loves adventure, movies and food.. I am looking for Romance to enjoy my life to the fullest.

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  • Dauphin Woman Profile Photo - Garnett95jo
    Garnett95jo Female, 37, Dauphin

    I Don't smoke , why spend money on something which would make my life span shorter?.

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  • Dauphin Woman Profile Photo - Kyra21mi
    Kyra21mi Female, 35, Dauphin

    I am here for Love someone who is not complicated.. I Regularly smoke. If you can't stand it, don't bother..

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  • Dauphin Woman Profile Photo - Helisa326
    Helisa326 Female, 26, Dauphin

    I am Widowed but I need a partner to make my fortune.. I am a Student If you are a procrastinator, do not bother..

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  • Dauphin Woman Profile Photo - Urith94oz
    Urith94oz Female, 30, Dauphin

    I am Single mother of two dogs..

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  • Dauphin Woman Profile Photo - Abigail81is
    Abigail81is Female, 40, Dauphin

    I am here for Activity Partner Someone who is somewhere in between sensitive & savage.. I am a flight attendant and am good at calculating before investing.. I am Non vegetarian because I am human, not a devil..

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  • Dauphin Dating Girl Profile Photo - Poloma28va
    Poloma28va Female, 24, Dauphin

    I am looking for Long Term Relationship someone who is an idealist.. I am looking for Soulmate someone who is beautifully complicated..

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  • Dauphin Dating Girl Profile Photo - Sheena196
    Sheena196 Female, 25, Dauphin

    I am single I have to make a lot of business trips to Bangkok. It's hard to find a partner who can trust me. (Nope, can't take you along).

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  • Dauphin Woman Profile Photo - Abigale398
    Abigale398 Female, 32, Dauphin

    I am a Women with class and taste.. I am a Pisces so be prepare to listen to brutal honesty.. I have done my Masters in Account & Financing. It's paying off..

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