• Single Guy Profile Photo - renard517, Male
    Renard517 Male, 24, Dalhousie

    I am looking for Dating who loves to try new stuff.. I Drink occasionally because I am selfish and wants to live longer..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - liam41pr, Male
    Liam41pr Male, 34, Dalhousie

    High maintenance. I pay 50k a year to my society..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - hamilton32, Male
    Hamilton32 Male, 27, Dalhousie

    I am an hair stylist Our babies would get free haircuts. I would charge you though!. I completed my Doctorate in Basic Development Therapy. We all make mistakes.. I am here for Flirting and just here for networking..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - percy91an, Male
    Percy91an Male, 23, Dalhousie

    I Sometimes smoke when a friend insists.. I am a doctor Yeah, I actually treat people..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - lancelot11au, Male
    Lancelot11au Male, 29, Dalhousie

    I am into scientist I once smoked pot with my students.. I am Eggetarian I didn't earlier. My trainer insisted..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - norris0br, Male
    Norris0br Male, 31, Dalhousie

    I am a Man with a big smile!. I Sometimes smoke. Life is too short to care..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - don42, Male
    Don42 Male, 30, Dalhousie

    I am a Aries I am always there for the people I love..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - fisher99su, Male
    Fisher99su Male, 39, Dalhousie

    I am a Man with a twisted sense of humor. I Do not drink I like its taste. My ex made me like bitter things..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - sherwood673, Male
    Sherwood673 Male, 32, Dalhousie

    I am looking for Friendship and just here for networking.. I love Vegetarian , what else would I eat? Plants?.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - isaiah782, Male
    Isaiah782 Male, 37, Dalhousie

    I am unfortunately Single but in an open relationship.. I am an professor by choice. It's not like I couldn't score enough for MBBS..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - marcellus58sr, Male
    Marcellus58sr Male, 28, Dalhousie

    I am here for Flirting someone who takes life one step at a time.. I am looking for Soulmate who is a fitness enthusiast..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - marston871, Male
    Marston871 Male, 26, Dalhousie

    I love Eggetarian I live a healthy life..