• Single Girl Profile Photo - faythe25ag, Female
    Faythe25ag Female, 36, Cumberland

    I am Vegetarian If you're a judgemental prick, don't bother.. I am a event manager it is tougher than it sounds..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - ellektra881, Female
    Ellektra881 Female, 20, Cumberland

    My star sign is Aquarius I feel better to be in the company of witty and fun loving people.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - katie11bo, Female
    Katie11bo Female, 37, Cumberland

    I am Widowed Sadly, love isn't in the air.. I am a Women who is crazy about music..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - margery90se, Female
    Margery90se Female, 32, Cumberland

    I am here for Better half who can be trustworthy.. I am here for Romance someone who respects traditions & values..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - rosalee728, Female
    Rosalee728 Female, 39, Cumberland

    I sometimes smoke. I love making rings.. I am looking for Romance someone who can do more than blending in the crowd..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - saidee75mo, Female
    Saidee75mo Female, 34, Cumberland

    I Sometimes just for the gist of it.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - batsheva461, Female
    Batsheva461 Female, 21, Cumberland

    I am a Psychologist I would be judging you by your haircut..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - abigil77ba, Female
    Abigil77ba Female, 20, Cumberland

    I am looking for Love as I am new here.. I am Eggetarian , have you tried half fry?.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - jennifer666, Female
    Jennifer666 Female, 18, Cumberland

    I am into interior designer and I write crap, but it gets me paid.. I'm Vegetarian I was a vegetarian once. Then I ate egg bhurji.. I am single In need positive people in life..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - mary21mu, Female
    Mary21mu Female, 22, Cumberland

    I am Vegetarian because all animals are equal. Would you kill a dog?.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - carmalla892, Female
    Carmalla892 Female, 29, Cumberland

    I am Separated Doesn't mean I'm gonna jump in bed with you.. I Drink often but my friends sometimes force me.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - gat91ga, Female
    Gat91ga Female, 27, Cumberland

    I am a Advertising who doesn't drink..