• Single Guy Profile Photo - zebidiah97ah, Male
    Zebidiah97ah Male, 32, Creston

    I am looking for Love who can understand my emotions. I am a 12th in Fashion. Yep, I would judge you by your dressing sense..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - farnley27sa, Male
    Farnley27sa Male, 28, Creston

    I have done my Masters in Energy Study. Save it people, else we're doomed..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - jacksoin82, Male
    Jacksoin82 Male, 24, Creston

    Being a Pisces I've been told I am quite self centered. Honestly, I don't give a fuck!. I am looking for New People Someone who can cook for me.. I love being a actor Yeah, I do get friend-zoned a lot. Sigh!.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - stefanos39da, Male
    Stefanos39da Male, 27, Creston

    I am looking for Partner Someone who doesn't post every picture on Instagram with a million hashtag.. Being Divorced Not looking for a support group. Here to date.. Being a Taurus , co-operative, gracious & fair - minded..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - jeramy40sa, Male
    Jeramy40sa Male, 28, Creston

    I am Widowed and it was quite recently. I would need some time to meet you in person.. I am looking for Friends Someone who is a binge eater..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - orrick596, Male
    Orrick596 Male, 37, Creston

    I am looking for Friendship because love happens just once. And I have done it with myself.. I am here for Romance because being alone feels bad..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - iffdrr, Male
    Iffdrr Male, 19, Creston

    I am a interior designer currently researching on how to woo you..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - martin90ge, Male
    Martin90ge Male, 33, Creston

    I am looking for Love Someone who knows the difference between a baker and a chef. (I am a baker). I Do not drink because there's nothing wrong in it.. I am here for Serious Relationship who has a big heart..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - teohyy, Male
    Teohyy Male, 20, Creston

    I am looking for Soulmate Someone who loves to laugh.. I Don't smoke smoke, but I'm trying to quit.. I am a Guy and you'll find me trustworthy.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - leighton65mo, Male
    Leighton65mo Male, 18, Creston

    I am Eggetarian Somethings are too tasty to be left alone.. Being a Sagittarius and I hate change!.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - jackson95te, Male
    Jackson95te Male, 25, Creston

    I am an consultant and I don't drink.. I Drink often but my friends sometimes force me.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - kaelan83wa, Male
    Kaelan83wa Male, 29, Creston

    I completed my Masters in Social Works. Do good, have good..