• Single Girl Profile Photo - cassondria14pa, Female
    Cassondria14pa Female, 32, Creston

    I am looking for Buddy and just here for networking.. I don't Do not drink I am not addicted to it..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - jamie79bh, Female
    Jamie79bh Female, 20, Creston

    A working class hero..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - sherry93du, Female
    Sherry93du Female, 24, Creston

    I am looking for Better half who is serious about life.. I am a Libra Loyal, analytical & practical.. I Regularly smoke. I can still beat you in sprint..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - ita89pa, Female
    Ita89pa Female, 31, Creston

    I am looking for Soulmate who respects my space.. I am a Women with an ENTP personality.. I Regularly smoke, I hope you don't have a problem with that..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - baylee2ra, Female
    Baylee2ra Female, 32, Creston

    I Drink occasionally I have a hold on it.. I am a Women with dreamy eyes..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - bay408, Female
    Bay408 Female, 26, Creston

    I Sometimes , I would prefer if you don't either.. I am a dentist Don't be too talkative. I already have to listen to people all day..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - lisa11bo, Female
    Lisa11bo Female, 27, Creston

    I am a Women who is always cheerful.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - derrynne34ah, Female
    Derrynne34ah Female, 24, Creston

    I am single Does it matter?. I am looking for Match with whom I can get drunk.. I Do not drink I am thinking of quitting..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - rina7pr, Female
    Rina7pr Female, 37, Creston

    I have done my Bachelors in Social Works. Do good, have good.. I Do not drink because I don't handle it very well. I don't drink much.. I am Separated We are on good terms. It won't affect my dating life..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - sabrina89me, Female
    Sabrina89me Female, 33, Creston

    I am into dentist Love is in the hair..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - mathilde15ga, Female
    Mathilde15ga Female, 28, Creston

    I am looking for New Friends who can spice up my life.. I Drink often but I like tasting alcohol.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - rayma525, Female
    Rayma525 Female, 40, Creston

    I Sometimes smoke, I hope you don't have a problem with that..