• Single Guy Profile Photo - gipsy876, Male
    Gipsy876 Male, 33, Cranbrook

    I completed my Bachelors in Optometry and Vision Science. (If you haven't heard of it, doesn't mean it does not exist). I am done being Single but it's all in the past. I'm ready to date..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - placide744, Male
    Placide744 Male, 40, Cranbrook

    Constantly trying to make the world a better place..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - kelwin65, Male
    Kelwin65 Male, 36, Cranbrook

    I am looking for Serious Relationship because it's embarrassing to say I am single when my family is expecting me to find a match.. I completed my Bachelors and I'm a lecturer in college.. I am looking for Friendship Someone who can make the first move..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - philippe736, Male
    Philippe736 Male, 37, Cranbrook

    I am here for Someone Special with whom I can comfortably share silence.. I am a Aries I am in search of someone honest, patient and tidy.. I Sometimes smoke. I know I won't get addicted to it..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - reynaldo727, Male
    Reynaldo727 Male, 32, Cranbrook

    I am here for Activity Partner to enjoy my life to the fullest.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - ulric19ka, Male
    Ulric19ka Male, 38, Cranbrook

    I am Widowed and I would like to change that.. I Drink often Why should I give myself a slow death?.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - alain923, Male
    Alain923 Male, 37, Cranbrook

    I am here for Dating I still have faith in my stupid blind cupid..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - ham36gu, Male
    Ham36gu Male, 32, Cranbrook

    I am a Man and I respect independency.. I am Single Doesn't mean I'm gonna jump in bed with you.. My star sign is Libra , age is just a number for me..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - newell69kr, Male
    Newell69kr Male, 21, Cranbrook

    I Don't smoke Man! You sure hate life if you do.. I am unfortunately single with a kid.. I am looking for Better half who respects my space..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - selby746, Male
    Selby746 Male, 39, Cranbrook

    I am a professor Yeah, my job is awesome.. I am here for Match who doesn't drink or smoke.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - laurence530, Male
    Laurence530 Male, 34, Cranbrook

    I am Divorced because I have trust issues.. I am looking for Casual Dating who will treat me good..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - hiiayb, Male
    Hiiayb Male, 31, Cranbrook

    I may not be Brad Pitt, but I don't quality for Brad "Spit" either..