• Cornwall Guy Profile Photo - parkin67re
    Parkin67re Male, 39, Cornwall

    I am looking for Love who doesn't drink or smoke. I Don't smoke smoke, I hope you don't have a problem with that..

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  • Cornwall Guy Profile Photo - newman74na
    Newman74na Male, 25, Cornwall

    I wouldn't be single because we live in a country which has fucked up sex ratio..

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  • Cornwall Guy Profile Photo - marcello17ma
    Marcello17ma Male, 35, Cornwall

    I am looking for New Friends And I hate silly mushy nicknames.. I am looking for Someone Special I might run the altar.. I am here for New People looking for a gypsy soul basically..

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  • Cornwall Guy Profile Photo - kai6ho
    Kai6ho Male, 36, Cornwall

    I Do not drink Fortunately.. My star sign is Gemini and I over think a lot!.

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  • Cornwall Guy Profile Photo - zephan81go
    Zephan81go Male, 34, Cornwall

    I am a blogger and I post pictures of food. Helps me get free food.. I love Non vegetarian Nope never tried meat, won't ever do it..

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  • Cornwall Guy Profile Photo - bradley35pu
    Bradley35pu Male, 30, Cornwall

    I Drink often I am totally fine handling you.. I am looking for Love Nothing else..

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  • Cornwall Guy Profile Photo - aubra45sa
    Aubra45sa Male, 39, Cornwall

    I am a Man and party all night kind of a person..

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  • Cornwall Guy Profile Photo - walby91ra
    Walby91ra Male, 38, Cornwall

    I've pursued Bachelors and I aim to be an entrepreneur. I Sometimes smoke. Yes it's a bad habit. No need to tell me that.. I am a Man who loves dogs.

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  • Cornwall Guy Profile Photo - taylor27pa
    Taylor27pa Male, 25, Cornwall

    I have done my Masters in Fisheries Science. (Yeah, it exists). I Drink often I am not a drunkard..

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