• Single Girl Profile Photo - elveera841, Female
    Elveera841 Female, 24, Comox

    I am looking for Someone Special who doesn't play games.. I am here for Long Term Relationship But our political views have to match..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - flavie79be, Female
    Flavie79be Female, 30, Comox

    High maintenance. I pay 50k a year to my society..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - whoopi667, Female
    Whoopi667 Female, 34, Comox

    I Drink occasionally It's all under control.. I'm Non vegetarian , have you tried half fry?. I am a Women with an ESTP personality..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - tliudd, Female
    Tliudd Female, 25, Comox

    I am a Girl and I like swimming.. I am looking for Casual Dating someone who loves experimenting.. I Sometimes smoke. Bad habit picked up from college..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - kaitlyn835, Female
    Kaitlyn835 Female, 31, Comox

    I Don't smoke smoke when am tensed.. I am here for Long Term Relationship Someone who is tall. Like really tall..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - haleakua11bo, Female
    Haleakua11bo Female, 26, Comox

    I Regularly Have you seen its packet?. Being a Capricorn and not a one night stand or fling kind of a person..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - morganbo, Female
    Morganbo Female, 40, Comox

    I Do not drink It shouldn't be any of your business..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - felicity59ma, Female
    Felicity59ma Female, 22, Comox

    I am here for Dating who will treat me good.. I am a Libra I will need time to figure out if I should go on a second date with you..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - senorita53de, Female
    Senorita53de Female, 34, Comox

    I am a hair stylist Nope, I haven't been to space.. Being a Gemini I need stable relationship. Not fling kind of a person..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - eleanor49na, Female
    Eleanor49na Female, 26, Comox

    I am Widowed because I don't think there's a 'happily ever after.'. I am here for Better half Someone who loves to laugh..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - effie366, Female
    Effie366 Female, 38, Comox

    I am a Women with class and taste.. I am here for Dating who's great in bed!.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - elvenia1ga, Female
    Elvenia1ga Female, 28, Comox

    I am here for Casual Dating who doesn't drink or smoke.