• Collingwood Guy Profile Photo - orland31ah
    Orland31ah Male, 36, Collingwood

    I am a Bachelors in History. Which kinda makes me old.. I Drink occasionally I can't stand it..

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  • Collingwood Guy Profile Photo - marcelino13bo
    Marcelino13bo Male, 31, Collingwood

    I Regularly Man! You sure hate life if you do..

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  • Collingwood Guy Profile Photo - maxwellnew49sh
    Maxwellnew49sh Male, 34, Collingwood

    I am a Scorpio and I over think a lot!. I Drink occasionally because there's nothing wrong in it.. I am Non vegetarian only on Tuesdays & Thursdays..

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  • Collingwood Guy Profile Photo - wakefield61ma
    Wakefield61ma Male, 26, Collingwood

    I am Non vegetarian I am satisfied with the variety here.. I am looking for Long Term Relationship Someone who would join me in adventure trips.. I've pursued Masters in pharma. I had a lot of free time..

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  • Collingwood Guy Profile Photo - seven73lo
    Seven73lo Male, 19, Collingwood

    I am a Guy with an outgoing personality.. I am single It seems I don't get impressed easily..

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  • Collingwood Guy Profile Photo - georgenew37na
    Georgenew37na Male, 31, Collingwood

    Like every Leo ; but are you really in to this dumb stuff?. I am a Man who is passionate about fitness.

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  • Collingwood Guy Profile Photo - jeramie31ta
    Jeramie31ta Male, 32, Collingwood

    I am an Leo Aloof is my middle name..

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  • Collingwood Guy Profile Photo - marlo92ja
    Marlo92ja Male, 24, Collingwood

    I am a Guy , sadly, not super.. I am here for New People with whom I can get drunk.. I am here for Partner because life's too short to fall in love with just one person..

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  • Collingwood Guy Profile Photo - irwin86me
    Irwin86me Male, 36, Collingwood

    I am here for Match Someone who likes to travel.. I Regularly smoke. Looking for someone who won't have a problem with it..

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