• Single Girl Profile Photo - fredrika397, Female
    Fredrika397 Female, 23, Collingwood

    I am here for Better half because love happens just once. And I have done it with myself..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - gavrielaan, Female
    Gavrielaan Female, 31, Collingwood

    I am a Aquarius and I'm filled with mysteries.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - lyncc, Female
    Lyncc Female, 26, Collingwood

    Being a Sagittarius Self control is my sign's synonym. You would have to be pretty amazing to get in bed with me on the first date.. I'm Vegetarian Nope never tried meat, won't ever do it.. I am looking for Casual Dating Someone who is mature and clear about life goals..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - abeer79ta, Female
    Abeer79ta Female, 40, Collingwood

    I am looking for Friends Someone who can make me cocktails.. I am a Women , a clever one!. I Sometimes Nope, you can't justify smoking to me..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - eliane53ra, Female
    Eliane53ra Female, 31, Collingwood

    I Don't smoke Can't stand smokers.. I am a bartender No, I can't teach you how to click..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - makayla709, Female
    Makayla709 Female, 27, Collingwood

    I am here for Friendship but my mood changes quite often..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - paisley25ko, Female
    Paisley25ko Female, 39, Collingwood

    I am Eggetarian Eggs are called breakfast of champions. Would you like to go out with a champion?.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - avery85bh, Female
    Avery85bh Female, 22, Collingwood

    My star sign is Taurus I need space. Elon Musk, are you listening?. I am a Girl who is 24x7 cheerful. I am looking for Match who is independent..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - genevieve20ba, Female
    Genevieve20ba Female, 25, Collingwood

    I am a Doctorate in commerce and am looking for a job now. I am looking for Buddy It is about time!. I am a Girl , sadly, not super..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - netuww, Female
    Netuww Female, 35, Collingwood

    I am looking for Friends who loves to try new stuff.. I am Separated Still in the sad phase, I hope you'll be patient..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - derinda278, Female
    Derinda278 Female, 40, Collingwood

    I am a Women and I love to paint.. I am Single If you're too, let's grab a drink. Talking helps..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - garnet14ch, Female
    Garnet14ch Female, 26, Collingwood

    I am Divorced I like to live life on my own terms..