• Single Guy Profile Photo - kira34vo, Male
    Kira34vo Male, 22, Cold Lake

    I am an Journalist It helps me fulfilling my travel goals.. I am a Masters and now I'm preparing for Army..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - kendrell80ar, Male
    Kendrell80ar Male, 40, Cold Lake

    I am an hair stylist because am actually good at networking!.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - jamarcus66pi, Male
    Jamarcus66pi Male, 36, Cold Lake

    I am Widowed but I need the right person to be in a relationship with.. I Sometimes smoke. You don't at all? (Shock smiley). I am looking for Dating I'll rock your world..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - philippe241, Male
    Philippe241 Male, 21, Cold Lake

    I am a Psychologist Not gonna bring my DSLR on a date.. I am a Masters in philosophy. The most interesting subject there can be..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - egbert0, Male
    Egbert0 Male, 24, Cold Lake

    My visiting card says scientist Looking for friends outside the industry.. I Don't smoke smoke. Life is too short to care..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - ullric408, Male
    Ullric408 Male, 30, Cold Lake

    I am a Bachelors and I learned how to drink.. I Drink often because no good story starts with 'So this one time I was having a salad...'.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - andrew77ag, Male
    Andrew77ag Male, 33, Cold Lake

    I Don't smoke Now this is a cool thing..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - talia65co, Male
    Talia65co Male, 19, Cold Lake

    I love Vegan , try it, you'll love it.. I am single and it was quite recently. I would need some time to meet you in person..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - hal399, Male
    Hal399 Male, 34, Cold Lake

    I am Non vegetarian I live a healthy life.. I am looking for Soulmate who loves Netflix & chilling.. I am looking for New People if you're a good wingman..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - averynewj, Male
    Averynewj Male, 28, Cold Lake

    I love Vegan I don't have any problems with cruel flesh eaters though.. I Drink occasionally , only in office parties..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - santonan, Male
    Santonan Male, 39, Cold Lake

    I'm Eggetarian but am strictly against non-veg.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - thorgoodz, Male
    Thorgoodz Male, 20, Cold Lake

    I am a Singer Nope, my office doesn't have a couch. Stop watching too many movies..