• Single Girl Profile Photo - brittany25go, Female
    Brittany25go Female, 19, Cold Lake

    I am a doctor No, Mr. Modi does not pay me.. I am a Aquarius I am always curious to know everything in life..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - ellene138, Female
    Ellene138 Female, 18, Cold Lake

    I am Girl who makes the best of situations.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - nnnos, Female
    Nnnos Female, 19, Cold Lake

    I'm Non vegetarian I didn't earlier. My trainer insisted.. I am looking for New People someone capable of having a good conversation.. I am an hair stylist Yeah, I do get friend-zoned a lot. Sigh!.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - ylori, Female
    Ylori Female, 18, Cold Lake

    I am happily single and it's fun!. I sometimes smoke, it's no big deal.. I Drink occasionally It makes people interesting..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - jainedi, Female
    Jainedi Female, 26, Cold Lake

    I am a Scorpio which makes me bad at confrontation.. I am a Women though I wish I were an alien..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - amelie26mi, Female
    Amelie26mi Female, 25, Cold Lake

    I am here for New Friends Now pick up your pickup line accordingly.. I've pursued Bachelors in Public Relations. (Kinda makes me good at relationships).

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - nameta, Female
    Nameta Female, 23, Cold Lake

    I am single Does time heals all wounds?.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - cassondra21ma, Female
    Cassondra21ma Female, 36, Cold Lake

    I am a Journalist and medical advice is free if you buy me a drink.. I am looking for Internet Buddies who is ambitious..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - anna11, Female
    Anna11 Female, 22, Cold Lake

    I Regularly smoke. It's a rare thing though.. I am a Sagittarius If you want to impress me, start with an interesting conversation.. I am a Engineer I get to boss people..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - queenie389, Female
    Queenie389 Female, 40, Cold Lake

    I am into Psychologist No, Mr. Modi does not pay me.. I'm Non vegetarian I just do what my taste buds ask me to..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - nansey155, Female
    Nansey155 Female, 18, Cold Lake

    I don't Drink occasionally It's bad for health. Why should I?. I am single so I have some experience ;).

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - philopena23, Female
    Philopena23 Female, 31, Cold Lake

    I love Vegetarian because of religious reasons..