• Single Guy Profile Photo - hugo65ga, Male
    Hugo65ga Male, 39, Cochrane

    I am Divorced It's not easy.. I am a blogger Yes, I get paid to click pictures..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - efrem683, Male
    Efrem683 Male, 31, Cochrane

    I call myself a Psychologist It's different from masseuse..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - lorry93ba, Male
    Lorry93ba Male, 24, Cochrane

    I am here for Love some one who doesn't post inspirational quotes in WhatsApp story.. I am a Capricorn Short-term relationships and adventures are not my cup of tea..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - fred174, Male
    Fred174 Male, 35, Cochrane

    I am a Capricorn I am a logical thinker, a good listener & great at advice.. I am Divorced but I'm in search of someone who can be compatible with me.. I am here for Friends because life's too short to fall in love with just one person..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - shea47gi, Male
    Shea47gi Male, 40, Cochrane

    Being a Libra , fond of harmony, gentleness and outdoors.. I am a Man , don't be a sexist..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - nichols41da, Male
    Nichols41da Male, 37, Cochrane

    I am looking for Dating as I'm bored of going to bars alone.. Like most Libra I am great at advising and problem solving..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - layton36ch, Male
    Layton36ch Male, 39, Cochrane

    Chai. Weed. Balcony. Clouds. - Heaven..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - warmond836, Male
    Warmond836 Male, 40, Cochrane

    I Sometimes Because I love my body too much.. I am looking for Dating as I don't know many people here..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - jose42, Male
    Jose42 Male, 40, Cochrane

    I am here for Dating who can make me happy.. I am a Man who is scared of spiders..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - edward16, Male
    Edward16 Male, 22, Cochrane

    I Drink often I have a hold on it.. I am here for Flirting someone capable of having a good conversation..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - cameron65br, Male
    Cameron65br Male, 31, Cochrane

    I am Divorced but I want a partner to make life interesting..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - tttrcu, Male
    Tttrcu Male, 31, Cochrane

    I Drink occasionally but I'm planning to quit drinking soon..