• Chilliwack Guy Profile Photo - shaun15be
    Shaun15be Male, 36, Chilliwack

    I Drink often Somehow managed to stay away from it.. I am Separated I have made peace with the fact..

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  • Chilliwack Guy Profile Photo - sebastien84da
    Sebastien84da Male, 23, Chilliwack

    I Do not drink because doctor says it lengthens life..

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  • Chilliwack Guy Profile Photo - cristofer35ah
    Cristofer35ah Male, 37, Chilliwack

    I am a Man and I am quite laid back.. I'm Vegetarian and I can do anything for chicken.. I am a Doctorate in science and I am planning for higher studies.

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  • Chilliwack Guy Profile Photo - everettnew31jh
    Everettnew31jh Male, 36, Chilliwack

    I am a Man and I can proudly say, it sucks!.

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  • Chilliwack Guy Profile Photo - kiel82na
    Kiel82na Male, 23, Chilliwack

    I am looking for Romance that'll transform my life. I am a Masters in Fine Arts. What is life without art?.

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  • Chilliwack Guy Profile Photo - ranen78bh
    Ranen78bh Male, 34, Chilliwack

    I Don't smoke If you do, let's just stay away from each other's way..

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  • Chilliwack Guy Profile Photo - harley44wa
    Harley44wa Male, 37, Chilliwack

    I am looking for Better half Someone who can make the first move.. I Do not drink Weekends are my occasion.. I Sometimes smoke. I know I can control the habit..

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  • Chilliwack Guy Profile Photo - ramsay58sa
    Ramsay58sa Male, 27, Chilliwack

    I am Separated by fate, but I want to be committed by choice.. I am a Man who can lift!. I am an Pisces and I think the world is a place full of possibilities..

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  • Chilliwack Guy Profile Photo - palmer95an
    Palmer95an Male, 37, Chilliwack

    I'm Eggetarian I will have to face God.. I am a hair stylist I would be judging you by your haircut..

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