• Single Guy Profile Photo - roma50ja, Male
    Roma50ja Male, 23, Chicoutimi

    I Sometimes I quit a while back. My body is thanking me by keeping me healthy.. I am a hair stylist and I write crap, but it gets me paid..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - cory893, Male
    Cory893 Male, 25, Chicoutimi

    I love Eggetarian If you don't eat eggs, you're missing a lot in your life..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - mattkh, Male
    Mattkh Male, 25, Chicoutimi

    I am single Probably because I think FRIENDS is overrated.. I am a interior designer Sorry, Can't help you with your loan..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - leo11ra, Male
    Leo11ra Male, 21, Chicoutimi

    I'm a scientist Sorry, Can't help you with your loan.. I am a Guy who believes in God.. I Sometimes smoke and I need help to quit smoking..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - ricardo270, Male
    Ricardo270 Male, 25, Chicoutimi

    I am a Aries Aloof is my middle name.. I am a Guy and am an achiever!.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - sheldon54, Male
    Sheldon54 Male, 39, Chicoutimi

    I am a Taurus and in love with myself!. I am Separated It was an accident. Don't ask questions about it..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - gaylegu, Male
    Gaylegu Male, 26, Chicoutimi

    Yoga during the day and bar fights during the night kind of a person..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - oirss, Male
    Oirss Male, 22, Chicoutimi

    I am a banker Not all scientists work for NASA or ISRO.. I am single and I love it..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - hunter910, Male
    Hunter910 Male, 39, Chicoutimi

    I am here for Someone Special Someone who doesn't post every picture on Instagram with a million hashtag.. I am a Man and an introvert.. I am Eggetarian Life's too short to not eat eggs..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - javaris13ma, Male
    Javaris13ma Male, 39, Chicoutimi

    I completed my Masters in Business Administration. Because it's the trend.. I am a actor It helps me fulfilling my travel goals..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - evull, Male
    Evull Male, 37, Chicoutimi

    I am Single and that's because I make fun of people on first dates..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - gddeem, Male
    Gddeem Male, 38, Chicoutimi

    Tired of thinking. Let's just go out and have a good time..