• Single Girl Profile Photo - robyn924, Female
    Robyn924 Female, 36, Chicoutimi

    I am a Student and I know what it takes to manage things efficiently.. I wouldn't be Single We are on good terms. It won't affect my dating life..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - scarlett673, Female
    Scarlett673 Female, 22, Chicoutimi

    I am looking for Soulmate Someone who is a binge eater..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - hella58oo, Female
    Hella58oo Female, 31, Chicoutimi

    I am a Women with dreamy eyes.. I am a Clinical manager but the best desert I can offer is me. ;).

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - janecia34, Female
    Janecia34 Female, 30, Chicoutimi

    I Sometimes because I don't like it.. I am Divorced How it happened is none of your business.. I am a Gemini and I have a lot of mood swings..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - berlynn83ra, Female
    Berlynn83ra Female, 23, Chicoutimi

    Being a Libra & compromising is not my cup of tea.. I am here for Dating Someone who can bargain like a pro..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - ieisha992, Female
    Ieisha992 Female, 38, Chicoutimi

    I am a Women and a guitar enthusiast.. I Don't smoke smoke after dinner..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - edina982, Female
    Edina982 Female, 23, Chicoutimi

    I am single Try not to treat it as a Taboo thing..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - batista33da, Female
    Batista33da Female, 24, Chicoutimi

    I am here for Match Not here to boost your ego. Talk if we match.. I am single Let's connect and know more..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - gaylia43ac, Female
    Gaylia43ac Female, 31, Chicoutimi

    I am an lawyer Nothing comes for free. Buy me a drink to know the best whey protein.. I Sometimes It's an addiction. I hate addictions.. I Do not drink because I don't handle it very well. I don't drink much..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - frederique22ra, Female
    Frederique22ra Female, 23, Chicoutimi

    I am a Bachelors in Fisheries Science. (Yeah, it exists). I am here for New Friends because life is fun!.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - ros82ko, Female
    Ros82ko Female, 33, Chicoutimi

    I am here for Casual Dating Someone who can cook for me.. I am a Women with a killer smile..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - edeipp, Female
    Edeipp Female, 21, Chicoutimi

    A 'Yayyy it's Friday' kind of a person..