• Single Guy Profile Photo - romeo389, Male
    Romeo389 Male, 33, Chibougamau

    I am here for Buddy in other words, looking for you!. I am a Man who loves to drive..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - duuolf, Male
    Duuolf Male, 25, Chibougamau

    Being an Gemini and I like to have fun!.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - ware69pa, Male
    Ware69pa Male, 29, Chibougamau

    I am a Man , valar morghulis.. I am a Sagittarius I'm not good at conversations, you would have to read my mind most of the times.. I Drink I do enough embarrassing stuff without it..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - paiupp, Male
    Paiupp Male, 34, Chibougamau

    I am Single Why else would I be on Townler? Duh!. I am a Man and I can talk to ghosts.. I am a Physiotherapist Naturally great at advice..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - darrel98ra, Male
    Darrel98ra Male, 29, Chibougamau

    I've pursued Masters in Veterinary. I won't charge you to check your dog.. I Do not drink I never liked it..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - javaris737, Male
    Javaris737 Male, 29, Chibougamau

    I am looking for Casual Dating Someone who won't mind if I laugh at my own jokes.. I am a Leo so awesomeness is given!.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - guillaume18bi, Male
    Guillaume18bi Male, 31, Chibougamau

    I Do not drink Forced to drink in parties..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - joshuah74mo, Male
    Joshuah74mo Male, 30, Chibougamau

    I am a Man who loves football.. I am a Leo I am too stubborn to change my mind. If I don't like you on the first date, we won't be having a second date..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - vaihmm, Male
    Vaihmm Male, 31, Chibougamau

    I Regularly smoke. And I like it, don't ask me to quit.. I am here for Activity Partner in other words, looking for you!.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - fred82da, Male
    Fred82da Male, 35, Chibougamau

    I Do not drink , just to give company.. I am Eggetarian I am satisfied with the variety here..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - farnley43sw, Male
    Farnley43sw Male, 26, Chibougamau

    I am unfortunately Widowed Time to spice up life.. My star sign is Sagittarius and I over think a lot!.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - harland64pa, Male
    Harland64pa Male, 37, Chibougamau

    Will I be able to switch you off like my phone when you annoy me?.