• Single Guy Profile Photo - frederic460, Male
    Frederic460 Male, 39, Chetwynd

    I am a Psychologist and it would make me a perfect friend.. My star sign is Aquarius and I seek compatibility..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - edouard85go, Male
    Edouard85go Male, 20, Chetwynd

    I am here for Someone Special who loves the idea of love..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - harold74mi, Male
    Harold74mi Male, 25, Chetwynd

    I'm Vegetarian and I am living a happy life.. I am here for New Friends since I feel depressed to be alone.. I am unfortunately single It's not easy..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - fischer199, Male
    Fischer199 Male, 35, Chetwynd

    I'm a Aries ; but are you really in to this dumb stuff?. I am a interior designer , some people would be too ugly without me!. I am Non vegetarian I am not a wack job..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - ollie259, Male
    Ollie259 Male, 28, Chetwynd

    I Don't smoke smoke. Preparing my body for future pollution. Have you seen Delhi?. I am a Man and I am quite laid back..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - carol1sr, Male
    Carol1sr Male, 37, Chetwynd

    I am Vegetarian I won't ask you to try gravy if you're a vegetarian. Don't worry.. I am here for Activity Partner Someone who likes to travel..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - harlan24ka, Male
    Harlan24ka Male, 23, Chetwynd

    I am a Guy who still watches cartoons..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - antoine19sa, Male
    Antoine19sa Male, 28, Chetwynd

    I am a Man with open mentality.. I am here for Activity Partner Someone for whom I can do awwwww..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - gladwin58be, Male
    Gladwin58be Male, 38, Chetwynd

    I am a Man with a killer smile.. I am a Engineer Don't be too talkative. I already have to listen to people all day.. I am Vegan I love animals too much..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - stone42pa, Male
    Stone42pa Male, 36, Chetwynd

    I am an Pisces Friendship is everything to me.. I Drink often as I love the taste..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - whitcomb671, Male
    Whitcomb671 Male, 39, Chetwynd

    I am Vegetarian It's easy to make. My maid quit a month ago.. I am a Libra I am in constant search for harmony..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - rex972, Male
    Rex972 Male, 25, Chetwynd

    No hanky panky stuff. (Yes, I use 10th grade language).