• Single Girl Profile Photo - wilona72du, Female
    Wilona72du Female, 29, Chetwynd

    I am Widowed Still in the sad phase, I hope you'll be patient.. I am a Women who is ambitious.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - carmalit98de, Female
    Carmalit98de Female, 31, Chetwynd

    I love Vegetarian It's good for health..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - batsheba55sr, Female
    Batsheba55sr Female, 27, Chetwynd

    I am an Journalist , here for networking.. I am Non vegetarian I might start eating non veg soon.. I am Divorced I might bitch about my ex. You can stop me if I do that..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - philyra294, Female
    Philyra294 Female, 35, Chetwynd

    I am a Women I like helping people.. I am here for Long Term Relationship It is about time!. I am a Sagittarius I will need time to figure out if I should go on a second date with you..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - jakobina18na, Female
    Jakobina18na Female, 19, Chetwynd

    I Sometimes smoke and I like it very much.. I love Vegan It's a sad story..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - jade95na, Female
    Jade95na Female, 32, Chetwynd

    I am a Gemini and probably the most selfless person you are gonna meet.. I am a Women and I prefer Quora over Facebook..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - ethan5ph, Female
    Ethan5ph Female, 38, Chetwynd

    I'm Non vegetarian Mock me all you want. I don't care..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - valombrosa88sa, Female
    Valombrosa88sa Female, 35, Chetwynd

    I am here for Partner with whom I can comfortably share silence.. I am an Leo and I am highly patriotic.. I've pursued 10th in Home Science. (I too have no clue what it is).

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - ejjgel, Female
    Ejjgel Female, 39, Chetwynd

    I am Widowed In need positive people in life.. I am a Aquarius Short-term relationships and adventures are not my cup of tea.. I am Non vegetarian It's not boring..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - jamie42pa, Female
    Jamie42pa Female, 30, Chetwynd

    I am here for Buddy who's great in bed!.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - candace186, Female
    Candace186 Female, 19, Chetwynd

    I am here for New People who is well settled.. I completed my 10th in mass communication. (I didn't know how else to talk to the opposite sex).

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - gavrila25sr, Female
    Gavrila25sr Female, 31, Chetwynd

    Being an Leo , a proud one..